High Blood Pressure Medication That Does Not Increase Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by MCK Trader, Mar 3, 2015.

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      Hello fellow forum members,

      I'm a 71 year old male, type 2 diabetes [using daily insulin - most recent Ha1c was 5.9], possible congestive heart failure, currently taking high blood pressure [HBP] med clonidine 0.1mg three times daily, and have bilateral intrusive T. Most of the time since T began - 05/15/2014 - clonidine has adequately maintained an 'acceptable' HBP range. However, beginning about 4 weeks ago, HBP began to increase. Presently, HBP ranges from sometimes low 140s to 190s -systolic [usually in upper ranges]; 55 to 80 diastolic, pulse rate usually 48 - 80. I have tried three different HBP meds - diovan, cardizem, and hydralazine. A few years ago, before T onset, I used diovan without any problem. About two weeks ago, with a new prescription, I tried diovan 80mg again, but by the end of the second day -- T intensity has increased so much I simply could not emotionally bear it and halted its use. However, diovan did significantly and quickly decrease HBP. The other two HBP meds prescribed presented so many potential adverse side effects plus the likelihood of increasing T, I did not attempt to try either one. I've also tried hydrochorothiamide [diuretic] in combination with clonidine - same T increase.

      I realize that most individuals will not likely respond in an exact manner to a particular med, supplement, food, etc.

      However, I would be very appreciative if those members who take a HBP med that does not significantly increase T intensity, or at least very little, could let me know via reply posting of the name of such HBP med that works for you. I'm just hoping for a number of possibilities to begin searching for one that will function for me -- both decrease HBP and not increase T.

      As an older person without adequate daily HBP control, I realize that I'm facing either a heart attack, stroke, vision or kidney problems likely in the near future.

      I'm growing more and more desperate, thus my reason to appeal to the very people who probably collectively have greater practical awareness of T than many so-called healthcare 'professionals.' Local cardiologists, neurologists, and MDs don't seem to be very aware of the complexities of T. And, don't seem to be interested in trying to help.

      I would be extremely grateful to you, if some personal insights / personal info could be shared with me concerning your experiences with HBP and T. It seems to me that among all the forum members, surely some are using HBP meds that have little to no effect upon T.

      Please help me with my problem!

      Thank you,
      MCK Trader
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      Hi @MCK Trader: I know that many blood pressure meds list tinnitus as a side effect. But in most situations (not all but most), the risk of that happening is very small. The risk is greater, as it appears you know, of you having a heart attack, stroke or other serious medical event due to uncontrolled HBP. Your systolic number is very high.

      I have been taking meds for hypertension for almost 30 years (I have been chronically hypertensive since very young) and have tried a few. Right now, I am on Enalapril -- have taken it for at least 7, 8 years without serious problems. It has not worsened my tinnitus, although I was taking it before I developed T. Enalapril is an ACE inhibitor.

      One thing to watch is your dosage level. I was on 10 mg Enalapril daily for awhile, and it made me dizzy. We were able to cut it to 5 mg daily and the symptoms greatly eased, plus my pressure still was under control. Find a doctor who is willing to work with you regarding trying different meds and dose levels. At least with HPB drugs, you have a lot of choices, most of them affordable.

      I am hoping @Karen will chime in, as I believe her tinnitus was brought on by HPB medications (plus she is smart and kind!).
      Good luck!
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      not sure
      I am using Ramipril, an ACE inhibitor, for about 3 years now and it has not worsened my T. This is the drug name for Canada and I don't know if it uses the same for the States.
    4. Karen

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug

      The drug you're taking (Ramipril) is known by the brand name Altace. I'm glad it is working so well for you, and that it hasn't increased your tinnitus. Everyone is different, so it's hard to say which drugs might be potentially ototoxic for some people.

      In my case, it was an ACE inhibitor (Lisinopril) that caused my mild tinnitus to get worse. I was then switched to a beta blocker -- first propranolol, then Toprol XL. I've read since then that most beta blockers (especially Atenolol, which is basically the same thing as Toprol XL) can be very ototoxic, and may even cause hearing loss in some people. I wish doctors would consider their patient's background and history before prescribing these drugs, as they are very potent.

      I think my problem occurred because I already had tinnitus in one ear, plus some hearing loss. The drug just exacerbated my condition. Plus, I think that those of us who are 60 or older stand a greater risk of having side effects from these drugs.

      MCK Trader, I hope you are able to find a drug that works for you with minimal side effects. Surely there must be some out there that have not had a history of ototoxicity. Here is a link to an interesting article about medicines and ototoxicity: http://www.tinnitusformula.com/library/ototoxicity-medications-that-cause-tinnitus/#.VPZ0Hrl0xok
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    5. AUTHOR
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      @ LadyDi; @ billie48,

      Thanks to you two wonderful members for sharing your personal info!

      I probably should also mention that I walk everyday with our golden retriever [West Texas weather permitting] about 1.25 = 1.5 miles each day. Exercise everyday with physical bodily, cable resistance, modest weight, and limited amount of aerobic exercise [total amount of physical activity time equals almost ninety minutes]. Have lost a little more than 40 pounds over last ten months, cautious diet and with portion sizes, very little salt or sugar, artificial sweeteners, low carbs, no caffeine, no alcohol, and no tobacco of any kind in more than 50 years, very little red meat, and lots of veggies and fruits.

      I hope others will reply / post also.

      Thanks again.
    6. Stink

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      i have taken lisinopril with no harmful side effects.
    7. Jbeans

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      Do all blood pressure meds cause tinnitus ? Is there a comprehensive list of which ones do or don't ?
    8. Ann C.

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      June 2015
      I've been taking Losartan (the generic version of Cozaar) for several years. I have no idea what triggered my T; I didn't realize that blood pressure drugs could be the culprit.

      Is it possible that this side effect could develop after a few years of taking a medication, or is it more likely that you'd see it right away?
    9. grate_biff
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      aucustic trauma, benzo withdrawl or both
      I think some Betablockers can. DonĀ“t know with other HBP meds.
    10. ANSilvestri

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      The constant ring of tinnitus for me just started several weeks ago. I am curious of this also because I have been taking metoprolol from at least 10 years and all of the sudden BOOM..the ring started. It was like a light switch being turned on.
    11. jross7

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      I too was on to topeol for several years and just suddenly my t started....However my b.p. was really not well controlled with that drug. So after I ran to my dr about the ringing she gave me a newer bp drug called telmisartan at 40 mg. It did lower my bp some but not enough and went to 80 mg a day and after 2 weeks by ears stopped ringing....soI am hoping it was uncontrolled high bp,that started mine. Interesting enough on two weekends we had overnight guests my ears were ringing ,but by Mon am it had stopped.So right now ,for me,I I need to keep my anxiety level and bp under control.....will report back in a month
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    12. william adams

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      December 2015
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      Im taking atenolol 50 and recently cut the dosage in half for my blood pressure was 96 over 68. My diet changed with the onset of the T and lost 25 lbs and wasnt fat to begin with. With the weight loss and working out at the gym the blood pressure really lowered. I thought perhaps my T would leave or reduce in volume but have noticed no difference and atenolol is known for causing T. My MD said I have high end frquency loss with my hearing and that caused the T. Now taking half of a pill and bp is 100 over 70 and will try to wean off of it all together....
    13. jeannie

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      Noise-induced, Ear Infection, Medication... Who knows?
      I take metoprolol as well but I have been on this for about 6 years .
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      I'm also looking for a blood pressure medication that isn't known to cause or exacerbate tinnitus. I think my original tinnitus began when I was taking Wellbutrin for the first time back in 2000. I stopped the Wellbutrin, but the tinnitus continued. So I went back on the Wellbutrin and have stayed on it. My tinnitus has slowly gotten a bit worse which is no surprise since my hearing has gotten worse as well.

      Three years ago I went to a new doctor who prescribed Atenelol because my bp was very high at that point. I was on a very low dose. I think half of the lowest dose available. My blood pressure went down quickly, but after about two weeks on 1/2 dose, I would awaken with the sound like a weed whacker makes when it's dying down. I panicked. The doctor swore it couldn't be the medication. But I took myself off it. Now three years later that sound is pretty much gone. My bp at this point isn't off the charts, but I'd like to get it lower. It ranges from 132/70 to 150/80 at the doctor's office. However, I'm terrified of ramping my tinnitus up again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      As an aside, I find no direct cause for my tinnitus getting louder or softer. I was very stressed a few weeks ago, but my tinnitus was at a bearable level. Today, I'm feeling pretty relaxed and it's hissing away at a much louder volume.

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