I Was in the Darkest Place, Now It's Almost Gone. Hope.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by chase.j, Dec 2, 2015.

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      I got Tinnitus 1-25-2015 from shooting guns without ear protection outside in the middle of the Nevada dessert. No one else had ear protection since it was outside and it was only a .38. However, I received the most intense suicidal bout of Tinnitus I could imagine.

      I could not hear basic conversation for almost a month and my body would tremble with panic attacks. I wanted to die and I am not the person to ever think like that, but it was something that I didn't think that I could bare. I kept thinking, how the Hell is there not Breaking news stories on how BAD this Tinnitus thing is!!

      I found out there were different degrees of it and couldn't imagine it being any worse. It consumed me. I had ear injections, I was in studies, I took potion and pill upon pill. I tried Xanax "please don't go this route if possible your ears will become dependent on that sound suppression and then when you try and get off it the noise will get louder than you can possibly imagine" I know this is not the case for all people but please take note. I went to specialist after specialist.

      It destroyed relationships with friends, family and I could not even work. I did not see the point anymore. I really had to do the only thing I knew, and that was to pray and just wait for time to take its toll. It has been almost 11 months now and it has gone from a 100 to an 18 "scale of 100" and I do have bouts of loudness when I exercise hard or consume coffee, or excess sugar, but it does reside.

      There is no magic pill but I did find some relief from arches T formula and taking shaklee multi vitamins for men and drinking lots of water. I took vinpocetine "herbal supplement in USA but RX in Europe" and it was a wonder drug.

      However, it gave me issues with my heart and blood pressure, and I am in excellent shape with no history of these issues. Needless to say I had to get off of that. To be honest I just take those above supplements mostly for routine and because I think they help, that in no way means that it will work for you, so make note of that as well.

      Bottom line is there is hope and you will habituate over time. It is a long journey and it is a super tough one at that, but please hold out. I know you might be reading this and thinking there is no way it will get better but it will.

      I remember reading posts with tears streaming from my eyes thinking there was no way out, no hope, but there is. Things will get better, stay strong, it takes a while but there is light at the end of the dark tunnel you are traveling.
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      This post gives me hope, Chase. Did you start to take Arches, Shaklee, and the Vinpocetine shortly after starting all this? How long after taking these supplements did you notice recovery?
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      Thank you so much, 3 months in and can relate to all of the above. Its such a difficult thing, for me its not sleeping that causes all the anxiety.
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      Hi chase,

      is it a coincidence or what?

      Had severe T since the same date as yours and I thought I would never overcome this hell.

      but now I am better than ever and my T keeps improving.

      Time is the best healer.
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      Just One (1) Loud Rock Concert!
      Powerful. Thanks Chase. This was great to read since I am at 2.5 months and sick of T but hanging in there..
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