I Worsened My Tinnitus with Tympanometry & Acoustic Reflex Test

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by looonia, Jul 28, 2022.

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      Hi everyone! I hope you have a great day even though you are here :)

      First of all, after a concert 6 years ago, I developed tinnitus in my left ear and, in short, I was devastated then, but with time I got used to it and I felt good overall.

      Until this year, sadly.

      I had a huge spike out of nowhere and for no reason in early June. My right ear also started to ring then, but I only heard it while going to sleep. Anyway, I got scared and went to the ENT specialist, she looked through my ears and said it might have something to do with a clogged Eustachian tube. My eardrums were red and my nose was often stuffy. She prescribed nasal spray, I also asked for Betaserc (I think it's more like a placebo for me, but it helps for my psycho) and she prescribed me tympanometry with the acoustic reflex test. After a month and a half the tinnitus slowly was coming to its baseline and I felt good again. But then I went to take this test last Friday (22nd of July) and I regret it so much, I'm crying even when I'm typing this...

      The technician performing the test had a problem measuring some of the results correctly and he tested a total of 3 times on my right ear (and once for the left one). I did not agree to the next test (measures were still incomplete) because the test was very uncomfortable (changing pressure and quite loud noises). Immediately after that, I had an appointment with the ENT who said that the results were sufficient for the evaluation and everything was fine. I asked her if this test would somehow affect my ear because I felt a little discomfort, but she replied that it will not and that the test is safe.

      I regret that I did not research this test earlier and that I allowed it to be done 3 times in a row. Since then, I still feel discomfort in the right ear (feels a bit like it is blocked/oppressed) and a slight pain that comes and goes. My right ear also "clicks" louder than usual when swallowing. This night I also had a new kind of tinnitus in my right ear - some kind of waves-like. When I'm talking, I feel like I hear better with my left ear. I had an audiometry test earlier at the beginning of June and my hearing was fine. Now I'm super scared of what more can go wrong with this right ear. I booked a telephone visit for today evening to another ENT.

      I'm scared and don't know what to do :( I'm pretty habituated to my constant tinnitus, but this strange feeling of mixed slight pain, blocked ear, and this "wavy" new tinnitus... These symptoms are not big, they all are rather little yet noticeable. I feel like I'm the stupidest in the world for letting that happen. I care for my ears and never thought that a test prescribed by a doctor can do something like that...

      Most likely for me, it seems to be barotrauma - could it be even possible with the test done 3 times a row? Maybe someone experienced something similar or knows better what it could be about? I do not have more ideas about what happened there with my right ear. I'm just sad :(
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      Welcome to the forum.

      Although I don't have the same experience or symptoms as you, I do understand that excessive anxiety and stress are not helpful for tinnitus. It tends to aggravate the symptoms. Whatever happened already done and something you can't change. So try to stay calm and be positive that at least the symptoms are not that severe nor constant like 7/24 and not maskable as some members do have, including myself. If you like, you can get another ENT to evaluate your ears and symptoms. The positive is that your symptoms are mild now and that you had habituated to your previous tinnitus. Trying to be more calm and positive will likely help your symptoms and prevent the limbic nerves from kicking in which can make the tinnitus appear worse.

      Take good care. Best wishes for your recovery. God bless.
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      Yet again clueless ENTs screwing up and making tinnitus worse. Happens way too often.

      In your case your symptoms are pretty mild so take some time to rest your ears, don't do anymore dumb dangerous ENT/audiologist tests, and take it easy. You'll be fine, I promise.

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      Hey OP,

      I feel your struggle. I myself am in the same spot with worsened tinnitus in my left ear from ear syringe/reflex test.

      I have tinnitus in both ears but it used to be mild, now my left ear is what I would call as moderate. Hissing is louder then before in that ear :(

      All I am hopeful for is that we can somehow make it for the next 5 years until someone like Xenon Pharmaceuticals/Sound Pharmaceuticals/Otonomy/Frequency Therapeutics is going to have their stuff in the market which would allow to have treatment for this crap!
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      You did much, much better than you realize right now. You should congratulate yourself for not being pulled in by the evil disguised as helpers called ENTs.

      The tympanometry might have caused you a setback. The next test, the acoustic reflex test, would have turned your life in to a never-ending torment :nailbiting: But even though you were scared and naive, looking for establish authority to bring comfort, you still had the wits to say no. More than one tinnitus sufferer have walked into the trap you just avoided.

      Doctors can't fix tinnitus. That's the long and short of it. We are left to try to endure and shore up our health however possible. Your symptoms sounds agonizing, but chances are you'll pull through,

      The last thing you should do is to beat yourself up over the tympanometry.
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      Another casualty to the acoustic reflex test. I'm sorry this happened to you. You're not alone.

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