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      acoustic trauma
      What do our Indian Fellows think about it?

      Indian Society of Otology
      A Prospective Study to Evaluate Effectiveness of a Tinnitus Relief Device in a Clinical Setup

      Tinnitus has been shown to decrease the quality of life of a person. Being a less understood domain of the medical field, there are no definitive established therapies that can be applied to all patients of tinnitus. The current study is an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the Tinnitus Relief device in the patients of tinnitus.

      To evaluate the effectiveness of Tinnitus Relief device TRx in treatment of tinnitus.

      A prospective study involving 67 participants suffering from tinnitus was conducted in a clinical setup at Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai. These participants were subjected to pure tone audiometry (PTA) and an interview using Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) questionnaire. These participants were advised to use Tinnitus Relief device TR201, TR301, TR401 for more than 6 to 10 months. Improvement in tinnitus in terms of percentage, questions pertaining to THI, and overall improvement in life (subjective) were evaluated after discontinuation of the use of the device in each participant.

      It was found that there was significant improvement in mean THI score, following treatment with Tinnitus Relief TRx. This device was also able to completely alleviate 5 out of 12 associated complaints of tinnitus. No association could be found between the use of Tinnitus Relief therapy and hearing loss.

      Tinnitus Relief TRx can emerge as an effective tool for treatment of the tinnitus and can improve the life of the sufferer.

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      Loud Volume
      I call total bullshit on this one. So many units have come and gone regarding just sound therapy and nothing has come of it. And they can even get a good result by admitting tinnitus patients that have early onset tinnitus whose then dissappear naturally. On their website they claim basing on neuromodulation but there is no neuromodulation going on here. India is a big market, easy to cash in there with a bogus unit.
      Raise your hands if you are from India and in this forum?

      Edit: and I am confident at least 2 pictures on their website are just grabbed from the net.just disregard this shit.
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      Very high frequency hearing loss in left ear.
      Same old story and same old sound therapy garbage...
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      Loud music - noise damage
      @JohnAdams what's your opinion on this treatment?
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      Here's the website:

      I don't know really. My initial thought is that it looks dumb but I haven't tried it so how could I know for sure?

      From the site:
      "TinnitusRelief is the complete solution for people who are suffering from Ringing,Buzzing & Whistling in the ear."
      That seems like a joke.
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      I focused on verifying if I had tinnitus
      Totally loled at their graph:


      This is basically TRT. They put a sound that match your tinnitus sound and you have to listen to it, in order to habituate.
      Did that on my own when my tinnitus appeared, was doing it everyday. It helps on the short term because it would made my tinnitus completely disappear, but it has no long-term effect.
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