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      I lost my hearing in my Right Ear overnight in 2000. I went to ENT Doctor who did hearing test and MRI of Brain to make sure there was no Tumor. All was good. Tried me for a Hearing aid but noises all sounded like Mickey Mouse. Started having dizzy spells and fullness in ear after another year or 2. Then came the Tinnitus. All these symptoms and no diagnosis yet. More years have passed and in 2014 started having what I call attacks of dizziness. Changed ENT Doctor had all kinds of tests run including another MRI. MRI revealed Lesions which by January 2 of 2015 had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Neurologist didn't think dizziness was from Multiple Sclerosis so I'm back to ENT Doctor who just Injected thru my Right Ear Drum for Meniers Disease. After 15yrs of all the hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus and fullness feeling I get a diagnosis.
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      Welcome. I don't have Meniere's but there are members who may be able to help advise you about Meniere's. As far as I learn, the symptoms of Meriere's Disease might start with a feeling of fullness in your ear, increasing tinnitus and decreasing hearing followed by severe vertigo, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Such an episode might last 20 minutes to four hours.

      According to Markku, @AnnaW is our resident Meniere's expert on TT, as well as @glynis-harbon. So if they don't comment here, you may want to message these members to ask questions.
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      I sent this link to Glynis and she told me to post to the Meniere's post-

      This is about a person whos an upper cervical chiropractor and claiming to cure this disease.

      Just for information, incase anybody interested for a read.

      I had contacted him regarding my T and he told me he could cure me. I dont have Menieres, he said I have Chi-are formation.
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      Here's a Meniere's forum for tons of Info - I started here but was diagnosed with meniere's 2 days ago and have been sucking up information on the menere's forum. I had my initial attack in march 2017 with another in June that came with vertigo. Had 11 months of remission and it flared again 2 weeks ago and its off and on since. Hoping it backs off soon. Hope you can get it under control. It's a terrible disease and it seems to be the luck of the draw on severity . Much luck caplncaster4 .

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