My Tinnitus Has Significantly Changed in Character in the Past Weeks

Discussion in 'Support' started by rhwelc, Oct 19, 2021.

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      I developed tinnitus about 7 months ago. It appears to be sound reactive. For the past 6 months, the tinnitus has varied throughout the day, and varied depending on what I do throughout the day. Get little sleep? Tinnitus way louder, get plenty of sleep? Tinnitus way quieter. Listen to some masking sounds for a couple hours? tinnitus lower, wear earplugs all day? Tinnitus way lower.

      About 3 weeks ago this totally changed, now my tinnitus is a constant 5/10 all day long from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Nothing seems to alter it. I can wear earplugs which helps while I have them in. The tinnitus masking sounds I had been using for the last several months are only about half as effective, and I have to listen to them louder, and the second i turn it off the tinnitus is back at 5/10.

      I've been pretty bummed out by this whole tinnitus thing, and having it change character is scaring me. I had some hope it would go away before because i would have like 5 days in a row where my tinnitus was only 2/10, and i thought "i can live with this if it stays like this". I felt like I had positive behaviors I could work towards to get better.

      This 5/10 with nothing altering it at all is not helping my mental state at all. I've had a really hard time working. I should probably just keep the earplugs in all day while I'm not sleeping.

      Here is an example graph of what I mean:


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