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      Hi all, I am new to this site and very pleased to have found it. Tinnitus can be so debilitating and hard to understand for those around us who don't have it. It's great to find a place where others do understand it.

      I have had tinnitus most of my life, in varying degrees, since a child. I can't actually remember not having it. In a way I suppose it is easier as I automatically ignore it most of the time.

      However, it has become much worse in the last couple of years, now accompanied by extreme dizziness and nausea. My doctor believes I have meniere's disease, and is treating me accordingly with Betahistine, which is helping enormously.

      I also am disabled with mobility issues and possible lupus as well as restless leg syndrome.
      I thought I would get all that horrid stuff out of the way first, sorry!

      I had to give up work after an accident, but have retrained myself in making jewellery which I love!
      I have 7 grandchildren who are the light of my life all quite young and 3 children of my own as well as 4 stepchildren. I keep very busy with all that for which I am grateful.

      I am looking forward to joining discussions, and chats, I hope I can possibly be of help to anybody who needs a chat, I am quite a chatter box so I am told lol!
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      Unknown, maybe stress
      You have a lot to deal with with your conditions but it's encouraging your attitude is positive! Welcome!!
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      Natural Hearing Loss
      @Cazbaz I love your attitude towards the obstacles you're facing. A lot of people would stew and be negative, but you're using your situation to help others. Thank you! :)
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Wow, we are somewhat similar. I got my tinnitus as a young fella and it started in 87-88 for me. I have full blown/high pitched sounds and I have fibromyalgia. I am sorry that you are feeling bad :(

      you can always lean on this board, members here care about others and they want to help, as much as they can.

      Take care :)
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. I have one less grandchildren as you and with 3 children too. I have to salute you for living your entire life with T and yet be able to function normally and enjoying your family loved ones. Plus your other challenges, you are actually quite an extraordinary soul who has the stamina to face it all and take on T for most of your life. We can all learn from you that life is still livable and functional even with T for life. Thank you for showing us that having a positive attitude will help us overcome some mountains in life. I am on the same boat on positivity and I think that it is our human spirit that can triumph over these barriers in life with a good attitude. Take care. God bless.

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