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      Starting now, we are going to be working alongside our friends at the Tinnitus Research Initiative to put a spotlight on tinnitus research.

      Specifically, we are going to help raise awareness of the articles found within the Frontiers Research Topic "Towards an Understanding of Tinnitus Heterogeneity"

      Are You In to Push Tinnitus Research Forward?


      24 editors from a variety of disciplines have gathered together to work on the research topic.

      All the articles to be published (approximately 30 before the end of the year) are going to be open access.

      This year, Frontiers will award the most active research topic with a $100,000 conference.

      The aim is to use this competition as a vehicle to put a spotlight on tinnitus research.


      • Unite the community and bring researchers, clinicians and patient organizations closer together. The public will be better informed about scientific progress.

      • Increase awareness of tinnitus and make it more attractive for funding agencies and for the industry to invest more money into research.

      • Make tinnitus research an appealing research topic that attracts the most brilliant scientists.

      How can you help?

      Every single view, like, share or comment on the articles helps, as does any message (posted on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.) linking to the articles.
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      One of the recently published papers featured as part of the Frontiers Research Topic investigates a curative (read: "treatment") approach to tinnitus - the paper can be found here:

      The research above follows an earlier study (a clinical trial, in fact) from 2014 where 120 patients were evaluated in a double-blinded control (placebo) based investigation. A statistically significant improvement was observed in that trial. The full-text paper from 2014 is attached.

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      Shared this to all my social media. A problem with this however, is that it might be too technical for the average "social media" user. They might have a hard time in understanding that they need to view the articles in order to generate traffic. I did put some instructions with my posts of course, but I guess it is just mildly interesting (if at all) to the average user without tinnitus or even habituated patients.

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