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      Hello all,
      I dearly hope and pray everyone suffering finds relief soon. My main ear troubles started after a nose surgery. I had occassional tinnitus/ringing in my right ear, I think from my Bell's palsy on that side. Anyway after the surgery, II did this maneuver like a week afterward where I pushed on my upper palate and this caused a slight muffling on the left side. Nothing helped it go away. Eventually after like a month and a half some cracking happened and it became normal! But I was sitting in this group meeting and started feeling hearing crackling noises. Weirdly enough, pushing the area over my eye would cause the crackling to keep happening until the popped and it would stop. This happened on an off until eventually when my ears cleared out and popped there was a pulsataile feeling on the right. Oh no. I did the maneuver again which made the ears feel like something in it but it made the pulsating go away. By the way I had very good hearing.

      Anyway this happened on an off. Was advised to forcefully pop my ears and try an oil by an ER doc. Worst thing ever. I also had some anxiety and kept doing that maneuver. Oh my God. I have lost so much hearing. I have this constant pressure in my head. I now black out if I de-elevate my head. Constant stereo background noise. occasional ringing. Everything is super messed up. Have no idea what to do to fix it. Very regretful, wish I had just let the crackling be and not messed with it. Now there is cracling/popping, just general unpleasantness. I am pretty sure my internal nose swelling is the root cause.

      No idea what to do anymore, it all feels very bad. Went to a heated yoga session, thought it would help, made it way worse. And the worst part is the lady made me stay the entire 100 mins, even when I tried to leave. Multiple blackout sessions and my vision is worse.

      Have no idea what is going on. I don't know if ETD can get this bad? Maybe sinus related? oh man I hate myself and would give anything to go back
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. Since most of your post is about a medical condition involving the ears and nose issue, have you seen an ENT specialist to determine if there are problems in there that need treatment. I don't know about others, but I feel not qualified to give medical opinion on your medical issue with the ears and nose. So the best thing is to have it thoroughly checked out first by an ENT. I don't think an ER doctor is specialized enough to give you treatment. Try to calm down and real the success stories to give you hope for the future.

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