Surgical Tinnitus Procedure

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    1. Bill Fellows

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      6 months
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      unknown ??
      I would like to know if anyone has a Doctors contact for the surgical tinnitus procedure Severing the nerve to the brain ? I understand there is some success with this and would like to find a Physician to facilitate this procedure for me. The constant headaches and high pitched ringing is unbearable for me...if you can help me thank you !

      Bill Fellows
      Kingston Ont. Canada K7P0K3
    2. InfiniteLoop

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      High frequency hearing loss in left ear from head trauma (?)
      @Bill Fellows

      That kind of surgery is not common for just plain T. There are old studies, and in many cases the result was more T rather than eliminating T. It is a very risky proposition. The fact that this surgery has low success rate is used as one of the foundations that T is a brain problem that might be initiated by suppression of the auditory input signal.
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    3. Jan64

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      By cutting the 8th nerve the auditory cortex will be less (or just not) stimulated. And that is just the cause of tinnitus... I strongly advice against the suggested procedure!
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    4. Jake007

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      hearing loss for long time, chainsaw, infections
      I'll second everything the above posters just said. My audiologist told me about a guy that was fed up with it and had his cut. It moved from his ear to his head (brain tinnitus). I strongly recommend you don't do it.
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    5. Bobby B

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      Large caliber rifles/machine guns and loud Music/clubs
      The study showed that a small majority had their T silenced or greatly diminished but the risk is high to be part of the deaf large minority without possibility of masking it
    6. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      I wouldn't have the nerve cut as you can still have tinnitus and lost your hearing also.
      I would look in to trying hearing aids as really help my sever bilateral tinnitus.
      Love glynis x

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