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      My name is Zain and I am new to this forum although I have been reading threads here from past six months.

      My tinnitus started after attending a concert back in feb 2017. When we came out all of my friends had it but their went away the very next day but mine did not. I have a history of anxiety and since the very first day I started to panic.

      I can't live with this and I am not married and I was planning to look for my first job , I wanted to so much. It feels like my life is finished I am very hopeless. I went for a hearing test in May it came out fine. The doctor gave me some medicines for three months they did not do any good.

      My tinnitus is very loud during night because of which I have developed insomnia. Sometimes my tinnitus stops during the day but it shows up right after I go to bed.

      Also am very afraid of it I am always listening to white noise at a low volume when I am at home.

      While in the car I have radio turned on and the windows open still sometimes it bothers me.

      I have been sleeping with headphone on playing white noise as I share a room with a friend.

      Has some else gone through what's going to happen next it is going to be six months. I am not going to ask that will I ever be fine again because I am afraid I will be told that it is permanent.

      I will really appreciate your replies
      thank u
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      Hi Zain,

      Sorry to hear about your experience, but at least you're not alone here.
      This is indeed why it is important to wear hearing protection during loud concerts. If you did wear some, then this is just a very unfortunate incidence. In any case, be sure to protect your ears from excessively loud noise from now on, like that of concerts.

      On whether your tinnitus is permanent... it's generally classified as permanent after a year from the onset of the tinnitus, so you've still got some time left. There is no magic cure for it yet so don't buy anything like that which you might read up on the net, since those are nothing but scams.

      The most important step to take right now is to distract yourself from the noise. Playing some music to mask it over with (not too loud) is indeed a good method to get a breather from it in order to stop worrying about it all the time. Another thing I might suggest is playing video games that require active awareness and participation if you're into that, as you'll quickly forget about your tinnitus when you're focusing on a game. Avoid silence as much as you can. A common way people use to avoid listening to tinnitus at night is turning up a fan to mask the noise up, it might be a bit more comfortable than headphones I suppose.

      Eventually your brain will automatically get used to it and it will start ignoring the noise on its own as it has become the norm, and there is nothing special about it that your brain should pay attention to anymore. For me it took about 6 months, and for some people it might take more, or less. Avoiding listening to it and stressing out about it speeds up this process of getting used to it. If it still causes you anxiety problems and panic attacks, you could try booking up a time for a therapist.

      You can also try doing something productive like working out, learning a new language, working on some personal project of yours etc. to build towards an achievement in your life. Self-improvement is a good way to fight past the remorse of obtaining tinnitus to prove yourself that you're still making progress in life despite this ordeal.

      My audiogram also turned out fine after my visit to the ENT, yet I still have tinnitus. However I didn't let it impact my life. I still go to concerts, and my life is pretty much the same as before tinnitus. It took time to get used to but here I am now. Just remember, it's not the end of your life. Your life is only beginning and you will get past this ailment even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Stay strong!
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    3. Kolisar
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      Welcome @Zain . I am sorry to learn of your tinnitus. I am not an expert, I am just a fellow suffer of tinnitus.

      You can live with this. It may not seem as though you can right now, but as you have read, this forum is comprised primarily by people who, like you, are suffering with tinnitus. All are living with it, and I am fairly certain that all, at some point also felt that they could not live with it.

      Your life is not over.
      Now, I cannot say that it will be easy, or even promise that it will ever be the same, but it certainly is not over. the vast majority of the members here have jobs, have relationships, and do that with tinnitus. You can do that as well. Don't let your tinnitus control you. Stay positive, it may be hard, but it will help.

      No one here can promise you that you will be "fine" again. And since everyone experiences tinnitus differently, no one can guess at the permanence of your tinnitus. What we can say is that you can learn to habituate, and return to a more normal life. If you read through the success stories you will find many people who have done just that.

      I suggest you search out posts by @Michael Leigh. He has many, highly informative posts that will provide you with, not only a lot of information on tinnitus itself, but ideas on possible treatments, and even information on habituation.

      Also remember that we are here of you. Since you have been reading through this forum for the past six months, you have already realized that it is filled with many caring, generous people who are always willing to provide support, comfort, and information to other members in need. Some who have helped me (my apologies if I missed anyone) are @Bobbie7 , @billie48 , @glynis, and @Angeline, and, of course, the previously mentioned @Michael Leigh.

      Hang in there, it will get better. I hope you find what you need here, please keep us updated on your progress, and remember that we are here for you.
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    4. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Tinnitus is not the end of life and you still have a bright future. It all comes down to the mentality one has. Your tinnitus is still very new and its a shock. Give it some time , it takes time for this type of this type of thing.

      Getting support was a huge help for me , in the early years...
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    5. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      HI @Zain,

      Welcome to forum,

      I am sorry to hear about the discomfort that you are experiencing with tinnitus at the moment. Many people habituate to tinnitus within the first six months to one year of onset. The best treatment for tinnitus within this time is nothing apart from taking medication prescribed by your GP if you are feeling stressed which is often the case with tinnitus. I do not advise that you listen to any type of audio through headphones even at low volume. The "white noise" that you are playing through your headphones to get off to sleep, I don't think is a good idea.

      Most probably the white noise is masking the tinnitus which isn't good as tinnitus should never be masked (covered up) so that it can't be heard, because the brain cannot habituate to tinnitus unless it can hear it. Furthermore, the white noise is not properly regulated using this method. A much better way that is advised by Hearing Therapists is to use "sound enrichment" using a standalone "sound machine" by your bedside. Sound Oasis make the best sound machines and are specifically made for people with tinnitus. Set the nature sound (volume) slightly below your tinnitus and not to mask it. All Oasis sound machines can be attached to a pillow speaker for privacy, again keeping the volume slightly lower than the tinnitus. Model S-650 is popular.

      Please click on the links below which will take you to articles that I have written on tinnitus. Try to read them in full and not skim through them.

      All the best

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    6. AUTHOR

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      I really appreciate everyone's. It seem like only people over here can understand. I just want to ask to ask if someone has gone through the condition from which i am suffering. My tinnitus sometimes stops for days. Initially it used to stay for hours then for days. Now my tinnitus only comes when i am sleeping from past two days. It is not like I am used to ignore it during day it just disappears or becomes very low. Is there anyone to whom this has happened. Is that a good sign or it is going to come back because it did before.
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    7. Vicki14

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      Boy! What I'd give for that!!!!!! :rolleyes:
    8. noitseuq

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      loud music
      I got T on my left ear due to loud music at a concert. A high pitch driving me nuts. This was on November last year. I also find hearing disturbing when I talk or have to establish a conversation. Like a pain feeling on the ear and just a weird sensation. This its normal to happen? And should get better in few more months? Anything I should try for?
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      acoustic trauma
      It sounds like you have mild Hyperacusis. You need to research how to deal with it. It can go away with the right therapy. As for the OP, it can get better with time but, if i was you id stop using the headphones immediately and find some other means of getting to sleep. For instance you could ask your friend to wear earplugs and play some ambience from your phone which is what i do or get and oasis sound machine. It gets better but it takes ages and i think you have to really reduce the noise your exposed too for basically the rest of your life unfortunately if you want to improve. Hope it gets better, sounds like its mild T if it only bothers you at night, mine is the same but i can deal with it quite easily now with some rain sounds on my phone. Annoying but its not the hell it was at first.

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