Tinnitus Is Louder When I Wake Up?

Discussion in 'Support' started by katriina, Feb 17, 2014.

    1. katriina

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      After waking up it calms like in 15 minutes back to lower level... Does this happen to everyone? It's very annoying to wake up and the first thing you hear is your tinnitus louder than ever. (n)
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    2. Raul

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      It's always like that with me:/
    3. Mark McDill

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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      Yeah, mine is usually cranking in the morning too :arghh:; then it calms down (especially in the shower)

    4. Stina

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      I think the neurological activity is increased in the morning :)
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    5. billie48

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      not sure
      When we wake up, the brain is trying to test out our vital signs to make sure we are alive and also are ready to take on the activities of the day. So it zooms into the missing pieces (such as the frequency of our ringing) and tries to recreate those lost capabilities by phantom sound in the central nervous system. Once we are up and doing things, the CNS shuts down the alert system and it is back to normal level. If only there is something to shut down the alert system. LOL.
    6. Lisa88

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      I wonder if it is the adrenalin while dreaming that sparks it off.
    7. Dr. Nagler

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      Lots of theoretical and speculative possibilities here. Dr. Jastreboff feels that the issue is one of neurotransmittors being somewhat dependent on the amount sleep - especially REM sleep. I am partial to the views of Kevin Hogan in this particular regard. Hogan's approach focuses on the role of the reticular formation in increase of tinnitus perception after a nap. The reticular formation is a primitive structure in the brain stem. It's a "vital sign monitor". When you wake from a nap or from sleep, the RF checks to see whether or not you are alive! It looks for heartbeat, respirations, blood pressure, temperature - basic bodily signs. It does not care whether or not these signs are good or bad - just that they are present. Since tinnitus is part of "normal" body function in an individual with intrusive tinnitus, the RF checks to see whether or not tinnitus is present. If it doesn't find tinnitus, the RF seeks it with a vengeance - - especially in the post-nap state, when there has been inadequate REM sleep and when -therefore - the RF is already on "high alert" that something might not be quite right. Theoretically. it is this RF hyperactivity in seeking tinnitus, which it equates with life, results in temporarily markedly augmented tinnitus perception.

      I recall early on that I was so concerned about the volume of my tinnitus ... I refused to nap. Then, after a while, I said, "Screw it. I love napping!" So I started napping again. Very liberating when you tell your tinnitus to step to the back of your bus - or better still, get the hell off the bus entirely!

      Stephen Nagler
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    8. Quiet please

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      Westchester County, NY
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      May 2008
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      Cochlear Endolymphatic Hydrops/Hearing loss
      My tinnitus is worse upon awakening. It could be after a short 15 minute nap or a full nights sleep; always very loud. Can last from 1-3 hours, then settles down to its regular type.

      Anyone else have this occur & have an explanation?
    9. Chriscom

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      Northern Virginia USA
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      May 2019
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      Likely infection/ear stress after walking pneumonia
      I don't have an explanation, but my tinnitus is quite often very loud when I wake up.
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    10. KMc24

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      Noise induced
      My tinnitus is strange. On my good days it starts out louder, then backs off. On my bad days it starts out quiet, then ramps up throughout the day.
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    11. sakrt

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      Specific issues
      I have unilateral pulsatile T. After a good night's sleep, this revs up immediately right into my ear as soon as I start to inhale more oxygen and move my neck like yawning, stretching and moving upon waking up from stable REM sleep that involved little body movement. All I can keep describing, is that my T. coincides with physical movement and oxygen intake increases my circulation to ear exacerbating the fullness sense, hearing issues and difficulties to tolerate sound. It's like starting up a car that's not purring right because there's a disconnected vibrating muffler pipe.
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    12. Blodorn

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      My tinnitus used to scream like hell 1 month ago when I woke up, but my second month with tinnitus is different.

      Actually my tinnitus is really quiet when I wake up, and then gradually explodes until evening. At night (8PM-3AM) it is really loud.
    13. Digital Doc

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      noise induced
      Huh, my T is the opposite, as it is quietest when I wake up, and before getting out of bed. Once the day starts, it often builds throughout the day. Mine obviously seems to follow a different pattern than the rest of yours.

      The times that my T was louder after sleep it was either: inadequate sleep, or noise exposure during sleep.

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