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      noise? infection? negative stress? other?
      Just a thought. I must excuse myself if it's been thought up before.

      But it struck me that this web forum is the perfect place for conducting surveys or for constructing a database. It might help the researchers and technologists when they are thinking up their theories.

      The big problem with figuring tinnitus out is that we can't observe it. Both the cochlea and brain are very difficult to access.

      But maybe some simple surveys might bring us forward.

      One obvious categorization on a database is whether one is early onset (acute) or chronic. And then the nature of the tinnitus itself. Mine is continuous, high-pitched ca. 6 kHz. It never stops. Every few years it might change gear but otherwise is continuous.

      In my case, hyperacusis and a severe throat infection preceded my onset of tinnitus.

      My worsening of tinnitus that came 25 years later was preceded by worsening of hyperacusis.

      Of course it's not rigorously scientific as it relies on patient's memories, but the idea might bring some results...

      At the moment we are all optimistic that by restoring hair cells and synapses will help solve the problem.

      I hope so too.
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      one-sided hearing loss (of unknown origin)
      Your hunch is right, Tinnitus Talk is indeed the perfect place for conducting surveys, which is why we've been doing that for years :)

      Please find here a list of surveys we conducted. And these are some of the academic papers we co-authored as a result:
      We've also published some results in various issues of the Hearing Health Foundation magazine.

      Our next ambition is to build our own tinnitus database integrated into Tinnitus Talk, where we can collect data from people at various points in time (when they join, 6 months later, 1 year later, etc.). That way we can gather longitudinal data, which could reveal important evidence about how tinnitus develops over time and which factors make it worse or better. We're trying to get funding for this at the moment.
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