Underwater Tinnitus Therapy

Discussion in 'Support' started by MattS, Jul 20, 2019.

    1. MattS

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      Power Tools
      Hey all,

      I've gotten into a bit of a routine, where I lie down in the bath on my back, with the water just deep enough so that my ears, but not my mouth/nose are under water. I lay there, listening to my breathing, and trying to steel my attention on the low frequency sound waves that reverberate around under water. I'll lie there for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, sometimes bringing my head above water for 10 seconds, then heading back down, relaxing, breathing, steeling my attention on the low frequency reverberations.

      And shit if it doesn't lower my tinnitus by a good dB notch. And the notch lasts too - not forever, but if I do this before routine before getting into bed, I can almost always doze off before the tinnitus starts coming back.

      I imagine I'm experiencing relief from a bunch of things... the relaxation, the meditative focus on my breathing... but I feel like the actual experience of being underwater, of having the sound frequencies all morph and alter, adds some extra therapy to the experience.

      Anyone else find being underwater helpful?
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    2. F-u-T

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      Acoustic Trama
      I went scuba diving in shallow water a month ago and got some relief while underwater. My T is normally always loud as hell.
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    3. Christophe_85

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      Not sure...
      When I put my head under the water, I don't hear my T anymore... Don't know why... ;)
    4. Daniel Lion

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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      I swim everyday and hear my tinnitus.

      After 40 minutes the feel good chemicals are released, my blood is oxygenated, and the tinnitus remains but it has less emotional power over me.
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    5. AUTHOR

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      Power Tools
      Interesting, so there really does seem to be something about the water that's providing some relief. And yet we're all obtaining it in a different way.

      I imagine that the act of swimming gets the endorphins going, but also hugely masks the tinnitus. I've been going for something different. I'm actually still as a mouse under water, just relaxing and letting the sound vibrations play around my head. And that too seems to lead to relief. If anyone else decides to give this a try, let us know... maybe we're on to a bit of something. :)
    6. ABakos

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      ? neck injury/unknown
      If I could live in water I would.

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