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Apr 19, 2020
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Getting a "Quiet MRI" today. However, they said it's up to 101 db so wish me luck. I brought MRI safe earmuffs although they aren't allowed. Aug 28, 2020

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Sep 15, 2020
    1. HopeforAll
      Getting a "Quiet MRI" today. However, they said it's up to 101 db so wish me luck. I brought MRI safe earmuffs although they aren't allowed.
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      2. Orions Pain
        Orions Pain
        @HopeforAll was this a brain scan or something else? GE scan or Toshiba? Happy to hear it went well :)
        Aug 29, 2020
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      3. HopeforAll
        It was a brain scan. On Google it says Siemens. The double ear protection did the most work. The whole environment appears as if they want to give a calming experience. There were breaks in between the noise as well.
        Aug 29, 2020
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      4. dd314
        It looks like you don't come to this board anymore which must be a good thing. I'm going into the same MRI machine and really hope the earmuffs are solid. Hoping it's more like a shower than sitting on a motorcycle. I tried the 0.6T without muffs and it was like sitting on a motorcycle. couldn't take it.
        Aug 12, 2022
    2. HopeforAll
      I finally got my custom molded ear plugs today with -15db and full blockage but only one of them fit so I had to get a remold.
    3. HopeforAll
      I've definitely habituated to T but the clogged ears and sound distortions is the annoying part. Distortion about 6 weeks now.
    4. HopeforAll
      Dang, I still have a hearing distortion. Even when watching videos of people talk it's almost like they are robotic at times.
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      2. GBB
        Hey, how are you doing now? I've had mine for about 7 weeks, and it seems to definitely be present sometimes and absent at others.
        Sep 10, 2020
    5. HopeforAll
      I definitely offended my ENT when I declined the Tympanogram test. He exited with "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."
      1. Zugzug
        My doctor said the same thing, verbatim. It's a funny thing about the internet; it's also loaded with pseudo-science articles on Google Scholar, promoting as real science such as TRT.
        Jul 7, 2020
    6. HopeforAll
      If I was ever gonna get T at least it was during Covid. I am not tempted to go anywhere during the acute stage because nothing is happening.
    7. HopeforAll
      New reactive-ish buzz since my ear molding yesterday.Hopefully temporary I think my main ringing went down or I just don't really notice it.
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    8. HopeforAll
      Saw the audiologist today for molds. She said all of her clients this morning had T and they're getting younger and younger.
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      3. Steph1710
        Yup, just shows how the modern world is way too loud. If I knew about T, I would have never abused my ears for years. I knew loud music could damage hearing - never knew it could give you a relentless screeching sound.
        Jun 24, 2020
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      4. Lucifer
        @Steph1710 this is why advocates need to tell people that loud noise exposure causes permanent ringing and hyperacusis like how smoking causes cancer or not wearing sunblock can cause skin cancer.
        Jun 24, 2020
      5. SB1981
        @Lucifer My father had tinnitus for a decade before I got it and never told me. But he told me when he had high blood pressure, knee problems, and a silent heart attack. Makes no sense to me really that he didn’t think the tinnitus was pertinent information. Now I have T, H and TTTS and it’s ruined my life. But hey I don’t have high blood pressure because I made sure and kept that under control.
        Jul 7, 2020
    9. HopeforAll
      Next week I'll see an audiologist for custom molded earplugs :) #excited
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      2. Tavia R
        Tavia R
        Yes! Those things are the absolute best! I got the 25 dB filter even though they tried to talk me out of it, said I wouldn't be able to hear people talking. I still can jut great, but I have perfect hearing so that helps ;)
        Jun 20, 2020
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      3. HopeforAll
        @Tavia R Yes, I am getting the ones that I can adjust the filter. 15db and I think 27db? Very excited. I'm in NY so it's pretty loud here.
        Jun 24, 2020
      4. Tavia R
        Tavia R
        Oh then you will love them, they should be discrete (if you don't get florescent pink like I did) so walking the streets with them will be great. Be warned though, they told me replacing EACH filter was $50 and that was through my doc who was the best deal.
        Jun 25, 2020
    10. HopeforAll
      Feeling better in the past week. Socialized with some friends but was pretty anxious taking the subway. 79-88 db here in NYC. No spikes.
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      2. Lucifer
        Do you wear earplugs when using the subway in NYC?
        Jun 16, 2020
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      3. HopeforAll
        No, I will next time though. It was my first time taking the subway since quarantine and my T didn't start yet.
        Jun 18, 2020
    11. LilSass
      Hi Hope! Just wondering how u r doing? :)
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      2. HopeforAll
        Thank you for reaching out. I am feeling better. I told myself I'll take a break from the forums here and on Reddit as it brought my T to my attention too much. I'm noticing it less. I came here to post an update.
        Jun 16, 2020
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    12. HopeforAll
      I thought it was better, but the last 2 weeks it seems like I can hear it outside and over the tv. Seems more moderate than mild now.
    13. HopeforAll
      I also downloaded a db app and saw for being at the back of a Delta plane is an average of 82 db. Using earplanes reduced the noise.
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    14. HopeforAll
      Took a 5 hour flight today using "earplanes". They are very good. I was petrified of flying but so far my T is the same.
    15. HopeforAll
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