Adrenaline Rush Preventing Me from Sleeping at Night

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by deedz, May 25, 2020.

    1. deedz

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      march 2019
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      noise trauma
      Has anyone on Tinnitus Talk experienced an adrenaline rush at night?? I could not sleep at all...

      My tinnitus does not bother for the most part but it seems like I'm battling another kind of beast...

      I never had this problem before I developed tinnitus last year.

      Any leads would be appreciated.
    2. Tavia R

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      Born with condition
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      Born with condition-recently diagnosed/treated for migraines
      My cousin has this nocturnal adrenaline shot, but hers is caused by an autoimmune and thyroid disorders I believe.

      I would more suspect that you would have developed some kind of condition that helped in the bringing on of your tinnitus as well, it just wasn't so obvious because acoustic trauma was also a factor.

      No matter what, I do sympathise, this sounds awful not sleeping. I mean I'm nocturnal but that's cause I'm just depressed as hell so it's a choice ;P but you shouldn't be putting up with this so I would schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist right away. If you don't know where to begin with one, start with your family doctor and they can help you go from there.

      Good luck!
    3. T-talker

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      My wife actually works with people like you OP. She was one herself.

      There's a lot of talk about when it comes to this stuff. Hyperarousal of the brain, hormone imbalances, stress, depends on your sex. This is her here, talking about what happened to her and sleep. She got the rushes, then twitches, etc. Hope it helps you.
      Talking insomnia #41: Michelle thought...
    4. Mister Muso
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      2011 / April 2019
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      Loud music
      When I used to get these at nighttime, I would put my energies into tidying up the house. I was living alone at the time - not so easy perhaps when you are living with others.
    5. FGG
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      This is weird. I had the same but on a different schedule. Two years ago, when all this started, a panic attack used to wake me up almost every morning (from dead sleep) and lasted about 5-10 minutes or so. This lasted maybe 6 or 7 months and then it just went away.

      Came on out of no where and I had zero history of panic attacks in my life to that point.

      For the past month, it's been happening again but less intense than last time. I wonder if it's related to some sort of PTSD now that I have new symptoms.

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