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Discussion in 'Support' started by Sven, Jun 19, 2013.

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    1. Sven

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      Loud music
      I've noticed that there are a few of us here from Sweden, and today I came across this book on the internet. It was released in 2013 and the writers are very experienced in treating and researching T.

      Has anyone here read or read about it?

      Btw, just searching the word "Tinnitus" in any online bookstore reveals plenty of titles. Perhaps this thread can be used for books that help.

      I might as well buy it. My local library has it, but it's loaned out and one reservation before me. So little time right now, though. Meanwhile, I'll get in in line. Just have to find my library card. ;)
    2. Carlos1

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      Root Canal
      I was looking for some feed back on books that have helped people habituate to T.
      Anybody out there that has read a book that was helpful please let me / us know.
    3. cullenbohannon

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      Hey @Carlos1 , this is not really a book but i do read a lot of things by a man called Shawn Achor. He deals with positive psychology. He talks about it in a business context but you can shape it to work for your specific situation. I hope its helpful.

      TEDxBloomington - Shawn Achor - "The...
    4. Blair14

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      Noise Exposure
      Coping with Chronic Illness by H.Norman Wright and Lynn Ellis, can applied to T as well, currently reading and can relate to the content.
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