ECoG & VEMP Diagnostic Testing

Discussion in 'Support' started by larry wasicek, Nov 5, 2019.

    1. larry wasicek

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      earing loss
      I have ECoG & VEMP Testing coming up on the 25th of November and I am interested in folks' input on test results and actions that came out of the test results -- positive or negative?

      Thank you! Larry
    2. LostOutWest
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      I had these tests done a few days ago. Well, sort of. They started VEMP and I didn’t think it was awfully loud, but it still gave me concerns. Felt wrong to have loud sounds like that. My tinnitus is not super noise reactive, so I let it be; and just went with it. They started ECOG on my right ear and within 45 seconds I pulled the device out of my ear, thanked the audiologist and walked out. I would absolutely never do these tests again unless there was a relative degree of certainty that their results would lead to the cure of my tinnitus. In my case, they were just to rule long-shot problems out. These tests are quite loud and in my view, the exact opposite of what a Tinnitus person needs to hear. I don’t want to put you off, but if I had a time machine I would have done neither of these exams. I’m convinced my right ear is still paying the price.

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