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      I was diagnosis with tinnitus about six weeks ago after the ringing began to affect my work so I tried for short term disability. The ringing is constant to the point it is waking me up at night when I am sleeping. The ENT told me I've loss 25% of my hearing and to get hearing aids something I cannot afford. He did recommend special accommodations for my job consisting of not wearing headphones. I work in a call center taking/making 80 to 100 calls a days where the noise volume is noisy with everyone talking all the time. Work is saying I can still work on the phone using the receiver though am concerned on whether or not I can hear the other person on the line and how the noise is going to affect the ringing. Right now since I am on leave I use the speaker phone making hearing much easier.
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      Exposure to loud noise is the most common cause of tinnitus. I have talked to many people that work in call centres, who wear headsets and develop tinnitus. Listening to audio through headphones and headsets can cause tinnitus when at listening at high volumes. Even if the volume is keep low when wearing a headset, due to them being used over a long period of time, some people are prone to developing tinnitus. Sorry to sound so sobering but that could be the likely cause. Please click on the link below as you might find the posts helpful
      Best of luck

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      My job also involves doing calls in noisy rooms and contributed to the loss amongst other
      What I am doing now is using my large shooting earmuffs which block 35db - with a small set of earbuds inside that are connected to the phone hand set via a audio jack analog amplifier - with a volume dial so I can always dial in the lowest volume of incoming sound possible though the ear buds and not hear much surrounding noise as the buds are Inside the protective sphere of my earmuffs

      The whole set costs me about 200 dollars total for the earmuffs, phone handset -recorder audio split and audio amplifier
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      I think you have done the right thing Bobby to protect your hearing. Well done.

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