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      Hey im new here , had tinntitus for 3 months , still in a dramatic period of my life
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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk @lssa,
      The first few months are hard and as well as the sound comes lots of unwanted emotions and lack of sleep .
      In time you do adjust to your sound but it takes time.
      We are here around the clock to support you.

      Love glynis
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. It will be helpful for members to advise you if you include more detail in your introduction. If you find your T quite traumatic and inducing anxiety, perhaps try masking it so you can have more normal reaction to the ringing. Glynis is right that the initial period is the hardest as the body is still adjusting to the new and alien sensation of T and may yet consider T as a mortal threat. As such you will be functioning in fight or flight mode which tends to cause you to zoom in on T a lot more and T seems to be much louder and intrusive. Hang in there and make sure you read up the success stories to give you hope and patience to let time do some healing. You can also learn some good strategies that others have used to help them get out of the T dark tunnel.

      Take good care. God bless.
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