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      My tinnitus has been constant for about 2 months. I've noticed it over the years but it was never constant and not as loud as it is now.

      I have some minor hearing loss that they say is noise induced. I have been around some noise that is related to my occupation in the construction industry.

      I play guitar and used to play in a loud band over 30 years ago. I played acoustic guitar for over 25 years and just started playing electric guitar about a year ago. I think I had the volume turned up to high a few times and that is what stimulated my tinnitus.

      But there could be other things that triggered it like: starting medication for high blood pressure, allergies or a virus. I recently went to a chiropractor because I had a twitch in my arm and she said my top vertebrae is titled and the muscles in my neck are tight.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Welcome to this board,

      everything you mentioned could possibly be the reason for the constant tinnitus. Sometimes, we have no control and tinnitus can come on and become constant and louder. Avoiding loud sounds is suggested, when tinnitus is constant.

      Good luck and we are here to support...
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      mild head trauma (muscle tension)
      Hey MikeEd,

      All of the things you mentioned can be a possible cause. Sometimes the cause isn't the obvious.

      For ex. I thought i got tinnitus from a brain injury 3 months ago. But after many doctors they found the true source was neck injury that accompanied my brain injury. How did they know? Pressing specific point on my neck act like a volume button for my t. It is such a complex problem, it is often hard to find where it comes from.

      I hope you find out whats going on. For the time being, try not to think to much about it and relax as much as you can. Since you have it for years, you probably know how to handle it ;)

      Best wishes
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      Noise induced
      Reading your post @MikeEd gives me the impression your tinnitus was caused by noise exposure. In most cases this will improve but it's important not to do certain things to give yourself the best chance of recovery. I advise that you don't listen to music through headphones even at low volume. Please click on the links below and read my articles that you might find helpful.

      All the best



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      I went to see a chiropractor today that has special training for adjusting the upper cervical area. He comes from the Blair methodology of chiropractic. I've received quite a bit of chiropractic over the years but none of them were as thorough as this guy. I was there for over 2 hours just for the evaluation. I go back Friday for more ex-rays and my first adjustment. These type of chiro's are supposedly more precise in their adjustments also. I hope it helps.

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