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      I just dont know what to do anymore my tinnitus got suddenly worse like 2 weeks ago i dont think its just a sound anymore its so loud that its makes my whole head vibrate its really disturbing, i cant sleep,i can feel it over the tv,i cant rest or do anything, i hear this "bzzz" sound all the time in my head and ears this is just hopeless noone should be forced to live with this. right now writing this im feeling my ear vibrate the worst part is that i think this is just going to get worse because it was no like this before..

      Please if someone knows how to ease this whole ear/head vibrating thing tell me
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      not known, too many possible causes
      I had similar feelings several days ago. Almost picked up the phone to call the ambulance and ask to be taken to the hospital and be put into induced coma, if there is no other way to stop this.

      The next day I got some pills of Clonazepam (Rivotril in Europe and Klonopin in US). Took one pill of 2 mg plus another natural sedative. Fell asleep. I woke up differently, out of that incredible hell.
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      Benzo + loud noise
      This is my T, all the time , vibrating head , physical feeling of a BZZZ, lightsaber through the brain kind of thing.
      Wish i knew how to fix that but no.
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      not sure
      Hang in there Jorge. When I was at the 5th month of severe T like you now, I still had to take all kinds of meds to survive. I couldn't face my screaming T at all. I had to mask all the time, bed time, on the go, at work and at home. It was difficult to mask an ultra high pitch dog whistle T. Ya the whole head resonates and vibrates with this awful, unearthly high pitch sound. I found even shower and heavy rain couldn't do the job. Squeaky faucet plus waterfalls had some chance. But worse, I had severe H too and so any masking could only be at the volume my H could tolerate. As I am typing now, my ultra high pitch T is still there screaming at the top of its lung. But somehow miraculously the body is more hardened to this T bully and so it can't trigger a negative reaction. That makes it much easier to handle. Without the mental suffering component, T's tyranny over our life is much weakened. Hang in there and give the body time.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Jorge,
      Have your ears checked for wax build up and see if the doctor can give you something to relax and sleep.
      Sleep deprivation can make tinnitus harder to cope with as we need strength to push through tough times.
      A sound machine or phone app of relaxation natural sounds might help you sleep and set it lower than your tinnitus.
      Tinnitus in your ears and head causes lack of sleep,poor concentration,brain fog,low moods so it's important you get the help of your doctor and your tinnitus family on here will support you and always someone around to help you and a listening ear too.....lots of love glynis
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      Drugs barotrauma
      I find the worst part about my T is the feeling in my head, I can always feel it, I don't know how to describe that feeling. For me its a prickly feeling like neddles and electricity constantly moving around. One second it's behind my eyes, the next in my ear. I definitely feel mine as pain, like something is constantly misfiring in my brain.

      Try this: Get something as close in pitch to your T and mask with it to get relief. I use really high pitched chimes, I feel some relief when I mask for some reason, almost like some of the brain activity (misfiring) gets canceled out and replaced with normal brain function and proper hearing. Don't use pure tones or white noise, try something that is constantly changing, something that will make your brain work. Your sound seems to be lower in pitch so use some sound effects that work in and around your T frequency. I use ear buds inserted loosely on as low as I can, just enough that I can pick up the sound. I still hear my T blasting but that head feeling is minimal.

      I don't know why this helps me, there is probably a good explanation for it, all I know is that it helps. I also find that when I take the headphones off my T seems very loud but that tinnitus head feeling is reduced, and for me, its more about that awful feeling in the brain than the actual T sound so I feel it's worth the spike.
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      mid seventies

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