How Can I Calm Down Tinnitus in My Left Ear?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Peter brinkley, Oct 18, 2016.


How can I calm down tinnitus in my left ear

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    1. Peter brinkley

      Peter brinkley Member

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      8 yrs ago
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      No idea
      How can I calm down tinnitus in my left ear
    2. eric peterson

      eric peterson Member

      New York
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      who knows? who cares?
      Unfortunately, sir, you can't. There isn't any remedy in the world that has been scientifically shown to reliably lessen the volume of tinnitus in sufferers. It's a condition that people simply get used to (habituate to) over time. Some people have had success using methods like CBT (which I used) or TRT. (These both cost money and b/c of that I'd only suggest them in the most severe cases) Otherwise, in general, you simply just go out and live your life. Bad news is that you don't know how long habituation is going to take. It's different for everyone. Good news is that it's cheap.

      Good luck,

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    3. volsung37

      volsung37 Member Benefactor

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      If I want my T to calm down I take a couple of phenergan. This lowers my volume in both ears for about 5 hours. Some people claim that benzos such as diazepam and clonazepam reduce T considerably but are addictive. At the beginning of my T journey a couple of glasses of red wine would considerably reduce intensity (doesn't seem to work so well now).
    4. JLugo

      JLugo Member

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      Hi I have the same issue, tinnitus in the left ear for almost 4-years. 1-month-ago started Neurofeedback treatment which has been helpful. Previously I was trying everything and nothing worked, Neurologist, ENT, MRI, surgery in my nose. Try to look for a NF provider around your area.
    5. MikeL1972

      MikeL1972 Member

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      Hi Peter,

      In my view, the answer is to limit your anxiety to it. It will not kill you. Once your brain accepts this (it will not happen over night), your mind will gradually pay less and less attention to it and ultimately disqualify the noise from getting your attention. You will hear it, but your nervous system will not react to it (ie. no anxiety). Good luck!

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