I Usually Manage with My Tinnitus — Depression Makes It Tricky

Discussion in 'Support' started by Samrock, Nov 24, 2021 at 8:37 PM.

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      I can't quite put my finger on it.

      For the last 2 weeks or so, I seem to be hyper-focussing on it. My ability to distract myself is weakening.

      It's been my observation, that when you're depressed, you focus on it more. Or, perhaps you're more alert to the negative aspects in your life, so you naturally focus on it due to that? My depression comes in waves, depending on what's going on in my life. Right now it's pretty bad.

      My tinnitus is on average a constant 4 or 5/10. I find that when I'm outside, the ambient sounds around me help me to distract from it a lot more, but indoors it's more noticeable, and all day.

      And with depression, you don't want to go out, so I feel like I'm stuck in a cruel cycle. At this stage, I'd rather be made totally deaf just so I don't have to listen to it anymore.

      I'm trying to use the "This too shall pass" mantra, but I'm finding it more difficult to see a way forward.
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      I am sorry that you are dealing with this, it's hard living with tinnitus no matter what level of intensity it's at. I deal with a severe case of mad tinnitus, and it can be tough. I have dealt with moods and emotions that come from tinnitus and life in general.

      I have had days that I felt, like I am not in the mood to do this or do that. When I get like that, I do my best to just do something, maybe read a book, maybe just go outside and look at the trees (If your environment is loud, please protect your ears). I refuse to let tinnitus set a pattern on me, it's really hard, the loudness is horrible, but it's a constant fixture for me and I still try to do what I can to live my life.

      Gaining some support from someone that genuinely cares, is so important. I have had lots of support throughout my close to 34 years with this ringing in my ears. I also build out my support from my inner self and just how I deal with things.

      All in all, tinnitus can make life hard, I live it daily and I am like all of you folks. I do my best to just take a step forward and just make my day count :)
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      turning everything up to 11
      @Samrock, I have also been dealing with depression for over a decade and, for the past year or so, tinnitus on top of it. It's really a tug-of-war as I struggle to try and keep my mind off of the tinnitus, but the moment I actually have some success I find my inner monologue asking myself, "Why am I happy right now? I shouldn't be happy. I have tinnitus. Hear that ringing?"

      It's definitely a cruel cycle.

      I don't really have any advice as I'm still trying to figuring it all out, but know you aren't alone in this.
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