It Gets Better — I Used to Be Very Depressed About Tinnitus, Now I've Got Used to It

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by loudNhere, May 19, 2022.

    1. loudNhere

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      Loud Music

      I have had tinnitus for about 4 years now. It started one day at work when I thought my ears were ringing like they do every now and then, but it never stopped. I will skip over all the things I did with doctors and whatnot because, as you know, it is not curable. It was and still is very loud at times.

      Certain things I do will cause it to be louder so I obviously I try and avoid these things. When I get anxious over certain things, that is when it is at its peak. I have a fan next to my bed and oftentimes I get in the shower just to drown out the noise.

      The things I want others to know is I was very depressed about it in the first couple years. I dealt with it but I was not happy about it whatsoever. Just felt so unfair. BUT, I have learned to deal with it or I guess you can say I just got used to it. It seemed unfathomable to me in the beginning but now it is easier to live with. Recently, I have even gone a whole day without even thinking about it.

      So if you are miserable now, IT WILL GET BETTER!
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    2. blamingeverything

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      high frequency hearing loss
      Thanks for posting! Anything else make it noticeably worse for you?
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    3. Alue
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      Acoustic Trauma
      It gets better, then it gets worse with a new noise incident, then you eventually get used to that and it gets better, the cycle continues. At least that's how it seems to be for me.
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    4. Barry098
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      Loud Music
      It's like being Prometheus and having your liver eaten every day by a vulture and then regrowing it again the next day so that you can start the fun all over...
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    5. ZFire

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      2012 (mild) & 04/2021 (severe)
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      Ototoxicity (2012) Unknown-likely noise induce (2021)
      Tinnitus caught in a loop...
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    6. dan

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      Toronto, Canada
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      Loud noise
      Very good analogy!
    7. star-affinity

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      1993, increase in 2020, then new in 2021
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unsure about the first. Too many beers? Music during sleep.
      Except for the high-pitched electrical hiss/sizzle that sometimes oscillates up in pitch for a second I sometimes perceive the tinnitus as “lasers through the head”, I can “feel” the presence of the ear (slight fullness) and there’s also sometime a slight pain or burning sensation in the ear. Also a bit of hyperacusis to sounds at certain (high) frequencies.

      I wonder if it’s possibles to get used to the condition when there’s so many parameters involved? Did you also have any of the above?

      13 months now and still very troublesome for me. :(
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    8. Daniel Carrasco

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      Dont know
      I just today got diagnosed with tinnitus , Not sure where it came from i was sick a week ago with “ flueds “ in my ear . But today i went to ENT and he said he dont believe it was cause from allergies or ear infection due to him not seeing any fluids . Im scared very scared , but maybe ill hang in there . Gives me hope seeing other people
    9. NAPman

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      Concerts / Hearing Loss
      Exactly what happened to me about a month ago. Loud band without protection brought it back and worse than I remember back in 2004 and 2017. From 2017 to recently it was so mild. Now I have to just move on and let it go away over months/years.
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