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    1. Juan Carlos

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      I used Lenire for 3 months last year, 30 + 30 minutes per day as they said.

      It did nothing at all.

      In the summer I stopped using it because of lack of time and motivation.

      They changed the device's program and returned it back to me. After the summer I started using it again, most days only 30 minutes because lack of motivation. Some weeks ago I noted an increase in my tinnitus volume, the same week I was using it.

      I cannot say 100% that Lenire is the reason for the increase but there is a high chance.

      So I'm not risking it anymore. I will never use this device again.

      Anyone knows if I can get part of the money back if I return the device back to them?

      During the appointments, they were asking me quite abstract questions like how I feel, annoyance, stress and so on (as they know Lenire relaxes you while using it), while the only thing I cared about was the real loudness level of my tinnitus.

      I cannot recommend anyone to buy Lenire.

      The only thing that helped my tinnitus, and I make clear this was only while taking it - was Trobalt (Retigabine).
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    2. EDDTEKK

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      Acoustic Trauma
      2nd round with switching the settings. 10 weeks in already. Change in tinnitus: zero!

      No benefit at all.
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    3. ChrisBoyMonkey

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      Hello everyone, just came back to update.

      I really did improve, no more pain, and tinnitus much quieter. Pretty much gone aside from when I go to bed or am somewhere super quiet. I used to hear it everywhere I go, on an airplane, by a highway, near a busy intersection, under airplanes descending by the airport, you name it. But now, a TV at regular volume is enough to quiet it out. I actually think Lenire had something to do with this, even if just a little, it kind of pushed it to a place where it could change and the rest was up to me. I did a rough massage similar to the Reddit tapping on the back of the head but harder, and that for me sort of reset the tinnitus. It sounds crazy but over time it worked for me, and by that I mean multiple "resettings".

      In short, the bimodal neuromodulation is real and actually works despite Lenire being kind of a weak, preliminary version of it. I also think it helped make it more susceptible to change and thus reversed the negative effects of OTO-313. The resettings also helped the bad feeling of it wear off for me over time. It used to feel like I had some sticky thick syrup all along the inner part of my ears and back of my head, and it hurt too, but over time with the "resettings" I could feel my body kind of suck it out of there, often in the morning right after waking up. It sounds crazy but with that sticky stuff leaving my head the tinnitus also got much quieter respectively. Controlled loud sounds such as going to the movie theaters with earplugs partially covering the ears letting enough sound in to make it feel challenged helped a lot too. You can do this at home too with a good sound system at loud but not too loud volumes without the earplugs. This really helped over time with me being able to expose my ears to more every time, the ringing really did reduce with this.

      Exercising also helped, along with listening to music with sounds that inhibited my ringing such as K-pop (high frequency sounds) accompanied with exercise.

      Have hope, and once the Dr. Shore device comes out, try combining it with exercise, daily music that inhibits your ringing, and sound volumes that challenge your ears without overwhelming them. Don't be afraid of headphones, just be very careful with them.

      I'm sure it'll be much faster for you guys with the Dr. Shore device, which I probaly will also try to get as I would like to be 100% tinnitus free like before.

      Also pray. God is real, and He helps, but He has also granted us all free will, and so we must also put in the work. Science can help too, use everything you can to beat tinnitus out of your life, you don't have to settle for just habituation, you can strive for actual noise reduction and possibly even elimination.

      Tl;dr: Lenire helped my tinnitus become variable, then the rest was up to me, challenging the tinnitus with controlled loud sounds and exercise and over time it got so quiet that it is now pretty much gone.

      Good luck people!
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    4. JohnDB

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      Loud Noise
      I don't have much time to give a long review, but I'll just add a few thoughts on my experience with Lenire.

      I've had tinnitus for over 6 years now after a acoustic trauma event around late 2015. I would call it a mild tinnitus with multiple sounds (mostly like hissing and ringing sounds) in both ears, but nonetheless annoying and frustrating most days, especially at night when trying to sleep.

      I bought and used the Lenire device for about 15 months starting from around late 2020. I followed the guidelines more or less exactly. I did miss a day very occasionally or only did 30 minutes some days, when I was too busy on some days. So not perfect, but I do not think that mattered anyway. I did the required 60 minutes most days.

      Like many others have said, I saw very little to no improvement. Any of this tiny improvement could be just be explained by placebo or simply the effect of de-stressing/relaxing for 60 minutes everyday with the device. Fortunately, I don't think my tinnitus got any worse from using it, at least not significantly or discernibly.

      In hindsight, I feel I was a bit duped and foolish for buying it. Like others, I bought it because I felt desperate at the time. perhaps I should have researched the device more. And looked for more independent controlled trials. And more evidence that the improvements reported by some were clinically significant and long lasting.

      I don't think it is worth the money. So I would not recommend it to others.

      I like what I've seen and read about the approach by Dr. Susan Shore, so will watch that space, but I'm more cautious now so won't rush into anything.
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