Oral Gabapentin and Intradermal Injection of Lidocaine: A Role for the Treatment of Tinnitus?

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      Therapeutic effects of postauricularinjection of lidocaine in tinnitus

      Objective:To observe clinical efficacy of postauricular injection of lidocaine for subjective tinnitus and explore the clinical effective method in the treatment of tinnitus. METHOD:Eighty patients with tinnitus as their first complaint were included in our study. They were randomly divided into four groups, each with 20 cases.They were treated with oral ginaton and mecobalamin tablets,and at the same time with postauricular injection of lidocaine at different doses (Group A, 2% lidocaine 3 ml; Group B, 2% lidocaine 2 ml+physiological saline 1 ml;Group C, 2% lidocaine 1 ml+physiological saline 2 ml; Group D, physiological saline 3 ml). TEQ scores were evaluated and compared before treatment, at the end of treatment, and one month after treatment.Result:At the end of treatment, the clinical effiCIency rates of four groups were 80%,70%,65% and 25% respectively. One month after treatment, the clinical effiCIency rates of four groups were 80%, 55%, 45% and 0% respectively. There were significant differences among four groups by chi square test (P<0.05).Patients' TEQ scores of the four groups after treatment were analyzed and compared by one-way ANOVA. TEQ scores of Group A,B and C were lower than Group D(P<0.05). TEQ scores of Group A were lower than Group C(P<0.05).TEQ scores at the end of treatment and one month after treatment were analyzed by paired t-test. Group B and C had higher TEQ scores one month after treatment(P<0.05).The total effective rate at the end of treatment for acute, subacute and chronic tinnitus patients was 79.31%, 70.83% and 42.86% respectively. The total effective rate of one month after treatment was 75.86%, 45.83% and 42.86%, respectively. The results of chi square test showed that the total effective rate of acute tinnitus patients was significantly higher than that of subacute and chronic tinnitus in one month after treatment (P<0.05). CONCLUSION:postauricular injection of lidocaine is effective for simple subjective tinnitus, and the dose and concentration of lidocaine affect the efficacy and durability. Postauricular injection of lidocaine for the treatment of subjective tinnitus is a therapeutic method worthy of further research and popularization.

      Source: https://europepmc.org/abstract/med/30282144
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      Anyone trying this?
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      where can we try this in uk?

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