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      The last few weeks have been frustrating for me. I've had T since I was 15 and am 19 now. I had habituated nicely and it was to the point where I could read in my dorm or study in a quiet study room without any masking noise and be just fine (as in I wouldn't hear my T at all). I had a setback this year though. After my final exams this December, I allowed myself to notice my T and stress out about it. This caused a vicious cycle for me, as I'm sure it does for many others. I started plugging my ears to listen for it and also listen for it in quieter rooms. The more I thought about it, the louder it would seem (the mind really is a powerful thing-and so is anxiety!). I began to get angry as well. I'm only 19, how is it fair that I've been struggling with this for almost 4 years now? I may never know true silence again and I will never be able to enter a place that's slightly louder than what I normally experience without worrying.
      However, after some reflection I just wanted to come here and reiterate how amazing life is. On this site alone, there are so many caring and wonderful people who are here to listen and offer advice and support. Additionally, the sun is still rising every day and with each day comes the possibility for positive change. The world is a beautiful place and it holds so many opportunities for exploration, fun, love, and all sorts of other good things. Every single one of us deserves to be happy and hopeful and we deserve to love ourselves and our bodies despite the trouble they give us sometimes. I choose to believe that a cure for T will be found and commercially available within the next 10-15 years; and it makes me smile to image the party we could all throw when that time comes (with the music at a reasonable level of course :) ).
      I know this may seem like pointless ramblings, but I just wanted to put some positivity out there. None of us can tell the future, but with all the progress we've made over the last 100 years and technology advancing faster than ever, I believe that things should be bright. :)
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      I think it can be hard being young and having it. I am only 22 and just started working in the real world and tinnitus strikes. I was planning to do a lot of travelling before my tinnitus, now I am not so sure. But your post has inspired me that there is always hope. :)
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      I'm studying abroad in the Fall of this year and I plan on seeing as much of Europe as possible while I'm there. Traveling is my passion. I wouldn't let it stop you! Just do some research on how to protect your ears while on the plane. I've read on here that plenty of people have taken long flights without it having any impact on their T :) Glad my post helped a bit!
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      not sure
      Thank for your positivity and a message of hope for young people with T. Your story reminds me of Zoe Cartwright who at young 15 was totally deaf, which was then followed by loud, unmaskable T. She suffered initially but chose to accept T and focus on the positives of life's blessings, and to pursue her goals in life. She made it to university and made a short tinnitus film which was posted on youtube, and I mentioned her story on page 14 of the Positivity Thread. Focusing on the positives will help reduce the anxiety and stress level, which then will help us to focus other things in life than T, and T will have less power to hurt us. Congrats and thanks for sharing your success story.
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      I find it so hard to accept T as it seems to make me so very tired. If it has a lull I seem to suddenly get a burst of energy and optimism. The minute it comes on again my mood plummets and I'm exhausted. No idea why
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      Just One (1) Loud Rock Concert!
      Wow. Zoe should be an inspiration to us all!

      Thanks for posting this Billie. I'm going to stop whining to myself (I try not talk about it with my friends & family since it only draws attention to it.)
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      Jan 2016 (easing slowly)
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      Post-Viral Infection
      Hi T peeps!

      I've been wanting to share my positive thoughts about T, as well as my entire story (for cleansing reasons) yet putting off writing on here for a long time, always waiting for the absolute end of my ear infection induced T before starting. I am hoping that some people who have just started hearing a T-like noise will see my story and calm down a bit!

      I am pretty fastidious when it comes to hearing, audio and music. I am a guitarist, suffer from Barotrauma, played in a loud band and always wore plugs half in (except for the odd occasion / gig). I have also been working as a Music Supervisor for the past 3 years which means that I have had on-ear headphones (closed back) on not too loud for about 4 hours intermittently throughout the day. I have also got a history with ENT having had waxy ears since a kid as well as a thyroid cyst removal. Despite the above, I was absolutely fine until after a bad cold (which caused my ears to block) cleared away and left this pretty loud ringing mostly in my right ear, although a bit in the middle (head).

      First thing I did is look online and alas, was greeted with all the worst horror stories about T! That really shook me up on first read. It's totally natural to want to get to the bottom of it and rationalise the issue and fix it. But hang on - most people who leave comments on threads and forums will be on there because maybe the problem has persisted right? That was the advice I was given after a few days and it really calmed me down. I guess you just don't always hear the story of Tom, Dick or Harry who had it for a couple of months and then it went away on it's own. There must be SO many people who it's happened to! I have since met a few people who have said this, so I prayed for the universe to fix me.

      There was a period where I had this incessant ringing on two levels: one at about 3Khz and really badly at about 14Khz (really very high, higher than most ear test machines go and some peoples' hearing). I even had horrific Hyperacusis to the point that walking around London was the most aggravating thing ever. I cannot explain how disheartened I had become with my job, my music and pretty much my absolute livelihood. I really felt like I had put my eggs in one basket and someone stepped on the basket. I would be lying if I didn't say that I even considered not being around for much longer, so yeah pretty low for the first two months.

      I kept being persistent and going back to my GP over and over until I bored them in to giving me a referral to see a specialist. In the UK, the NHS lists really were too long for me to wait ( I would have gone mad), so I went private and spend a small fortune to see an ENT specialist. Luckily, my doctor was a leading academic in tinnitus. It was absolutely amazing to speak to them and it was possibly the single most important step to emotional recovery. He advised a few things:
      - Obviously do not over expose... So I bought open back headphones which allow some of the SPL (sound pressure level) to escape. I personally would recommend NO earphones, no iPhone earphones and only speakers as its natural.
      - Thoroughly recommended Nasal Spray Euphorbium (holistic therapy) for blocked noses or if you are just about to get a cold. If you suffer from Barotrauma, then take a few sprays before flight as well as chewing gum to equalise pressure.

      Anyway, turns out I had a post-viral infection in both ears which was to clear out over a few months time and get gradually better! I was so relieved I nearly cried. He determined this by doing a ear drum pressure test. He also did a 12 point hearing test (testing many frequencies, not like those free hearing tests which are only 3-4 points and show nothing). All this took 45 mins and cost £300!

      Anyway, so I thought I would leave it for a month, totally cut coffee and smoking and be generally more healthy and see it out. I was so eager to get ahead of the NHS list that I ended up going back to my GP twice and complaining that I had to see the specialist again but this time - for free. So I huffed and puffed and really pushed to get a referral. Got another one for 45 days later and this time, the ENT doctor told me that it's really clearing up and should possibly fully go away! At this point the really loud ring had faded gradually but I was still sensing a high pitched sensation which was difficult to explain as it was NOT tonal T but more a high pitched sensation... The doctor said that it would be standard procedure for me to go and get an MRI to determine that I do/dont have an auditory nerve benign tumour (this is a standard scan for people with unilateral T in the UK) so waiting to get my results this Friday.

      I still have a high pitched ringing in my ears 80% less than original T sound a few months back but I have nearly completely come to terms/acceptance with it (maybe because I think it will go soon ish, but I also think that my brain is really cancelling it out)

      ...To sumarise my findings:
      - Finding out you have ringing is s**t. It's ok to be worried.
      - Don't search the internet too much, if you do, remember that positive stories will hardly ever be written down! So what you are getting is a lop-sided view on the issues.
      - See your GP and DEMAND you see a specialist. Don't just listen to their advice. Go back and get yourself seen by the best possible.
      - Remember that although you feel like crap now, you are reading stories about how other people get over it. YOU ALSO can become like those people and totally OWN IT ;).
      - Cut coffee and smoking one by one.
      - If you are a music lover, then make sure you cut down dramatically your bad sound exposure (headphones, plugs at gigs etc)
      - Try and buy some custom molded ear plugs - ACS do flat attenuation ones for max pleasure. (i am not their ambassador!)

      T treatment: the leading academic doctor I saw said that apparently there is a way (a machine) of somehow finding out exactly which hair cells in your ear are the ones which need stimulating and can lower the noise level. He also did say that there is stem cell research currently under way which hopefully in years to come could help pave the way for proper treatment. Some animal testing has happened already and they saw improvements. This was said in chat of course so I cannot back it up with links at the moment.

      My heart goes out to everyone who has it, has had it for a long time and who has maybe only just got it. Don't ever give up! Many people have other ailments, maybe there will be a cure one day!

      Get back at me if you want a chat ever. Let me know if I can re-post anywhere or somewhere where new sufferers will see this message. I was wishing to stumble over a similar one when I was looking frantically months back...

      Godspeed friends

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      Hey Lana!!
      this is so beautiful and i believe in everything you wrote too.
      lots of wisdom for someone so young!!! i hope you have a bright future and continue to improve everyday :D
    9. Zora
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      1st time: Megaphone ;2nd time: headphones too loud
      hey lana,
      woderful post <3 made me a bit tear eyed tbh.
      you are so right. sometimes we forget how beautiful the world is...
      So you are habituated now? how loud is ur T?
      Im also only 20 years old and have T since 7 months
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      September 2015
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      I admire your positive energy so much,I'm only 19 and everyday has been a battle for me but I'm slowly learning to accept it, it is lovely to be surrounded a by huge community of people going through the same thing who I can relate to

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