Share Your Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Experience: Any Impact on Your Tinnitus or Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by teacher34, Jan 3, 2021.

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      Prescription megadose ibuprofin combined with noise exposure
      I thought I'd make a thread where people can share their experiences with getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and whether or not it seemed to have any effect on your tinnitus or hyperacusis.

      This thread is NOT a place to debate or preach about COVID-19 or vaccination in either direction. That would ruin the thread's utility, plus there is already another COVID-19 vaccine thread available for debaters.

      Please only post if you've had the vaccine and are ready to share your experience.

      Please mention when you got the vaccine, the brand of vaccine you received, and if there was any effect on your tinnitus or hyperacusis. If you did experience a negative effect, please share any other possible contributors such as other medications, loud noise exposure, personal history of random fluctuations, etc.

      I hope this thread turns out to be helpful to our community!
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    2. MrBungle

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      I had the 1st Pfizer vaccine a few days ago.

      It gave me a cracking headache the day after (seems to be a very common side effect).

      I have had recent changes to my tinnitus, but I cannot say the jab amplified it beyond what I would expect a normal headache to do.

      I'm a few days along and I seem to be ok, tinnitus is not worse (nor better!).
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    3. Dubinvero

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      I had my first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine injection at 2 PM on January 12.

      Two hours later I noticed a significant spike in the volume of my tinnitus. By 5 PM I noticed that the spike was decreasing.

      I was back to my normal tinnitus volume by 8 PM.
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    4. Ed209

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      My mom and dad have had both jabs; the second jab was given on the 9th of January. They both said they felt ill by the evening, and my dad also threw up. This was accompanied by a horrendous headache (their words).

      My dad didn’t notice any difference to his tinnitus, and they both feel fine now.

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