Vasobral for Treating Tinnitus — One Guy Had Huge Success

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by ChrisBoyMonkey, Apr 5, 2020.

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      I saw this post on Reddit recently. It's a guy from Russia who got tinnitus and looked around the forums in his country and found out about this medication that other people were saying helping and/or eliminating their tinnitus. He tried it himself and says it is helping him a lot, reducing it greatly.

      He wanted to try and help spread the word about it. Does anyone on here know anything about this?

      In the comments, he leaves a site that sells it in the US and might be available in other sites with a regular search.

      If it really is as effective as they are saying, the medical community has to look into this.

      Guys, you should look into this medication...

      Hi everyone! I've had ringing in my left ear since January due to excessive use of headphones (16-18 hours a day).

      Went to audiologist, he didn't find any hearing loss and prescribed me Kavinton and Milgamma (Russian drugs, since I live in Russia) for two weeks. They didn't help.

      I read a thread on a Russian forum about tinnitus and the drug called Vazobral came up there several times. People were claiming it helped them and their tinnitus was now completely gone.

      So I bought myself a two month supply (the full course is 3 months, you take 1/2 or 1 tablet with food 2 times every day), and have been taking it for slightly over a month now. I also don't use headphones at all anymore, since they seem to exacerbate the symptoms.

      So I don't know whether God heard my prayers and healed my ear or He healed me with Vazobral :), or this was just a temporary condition, but it's getting much better. I have no ringing during the day and like 3/10 ringing at night.

      Unfortunately, I can't send this Vazobral from Russia, because of the customs restrictions, but if someone is going on a vacation here someday, you should buy it and test it (a full course is 6 packs).

      It's produced by an Italian company Chiesi, so maybe it's available under some other name in your country as well.

      It's main use is not to heal tinnitus directly, but to stimulate brain function and to help brain vessels or something like that, but apparently it helps with tinnitus too.

      You should look into it:


      I decided to share, because my ringing was horrible af and I hope it will help some of you too.

      Is it actually available in the USA?

      The price is twice the Russian price (here 1 pack is about 20 dollars).

      Someone should try it, if it's available. Order 6 packs for the complete 3 month course

      PS: I googled "Buy Vasobral in the US" and a bunch of sites came up. You could probably find a better price if you take some time to look through them.
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      This is interesting Chris. I live in Russia and will inquire about it further and see if I can get it without prescription.

      I must admit though I am very weary about trying drugs now. The first thing I look at are the side effects.

      Interestingly the main ingredients are:

      Alpha-dihydroergocryptine mesylate 4 mg
      Caffeine 40mg

      (The other ingredients are: Excipients: lactose monohydrate-94.1 mg, microcrystalline cellulose (Avicel PH 102) - 60 mg, magnesium stearate - 1.5 mg, colloidal anhydrous silicon dioxide (Aerosil 200) - 0.4 mg.)
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      Looks like it treats low blood pressure and is a Dopamine agonist.

      Here is a Tinnitus Talk thread on another Dopamine agonist that has been tried:
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      I asked my wife and she said that she has heard of the drug and that it's for old people. I think i'm going to give it a miss as I just don't want to risk any more meds at the moment. Definitely interested in hearing about how other people fare if they decide to take it though.
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      Noise exposure
      If I could get my hands on it I would but... I have no clue how to sadly...
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      meds/acoustic trauma
      I wonder if it is a vasodilator...
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      On the Russian page there's a lot of reactions from people that were cured from their tinnitus but it seems they had headaches and dizziness and some bad "cerebral circulation" and then got Vasobral prescribed by their neurologist.

      One reaction also said it made him feel completely ill with heart palpitations etc... (use Google translate and look for "tinnitus" or "noise")

      Description of the drug:

      Part of Vasobral alpha dihydroergocriptine - dihydrogenated derivative of ergot - blocks alpha1- and alpha2-adrenoreceptors of vascular smooth muscle cells. It has a stimulating effect on the dopamine and serotonin receptors of the central nervous system.
      The use of the drug reduces platelet aggregation and red blood cells, decreases the permeability of the vascular wall, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the brain, increases the resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia.
      CaffeineIt has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, mainly on the cerebral cortex, respiratory and vasomotor centers. Increases mental and physical performance, reduces the feeling of fatigue.


      • decrease in mental activity, impaired attention and memory, impaired orientation in space, caused by age-related changes;
      • cerebrovascular insufficiency (including due to cerebral atherosclerosis);
      • consequences of cerebral circulation;
      • migraine prophylaxis;
      • vestibular and labyrinth disorders (dizziness, tinnitus, hypoacuse) of ischemic genesis;
      • Meniere's disease;
      • retinopathy (diabetic and hypertensive);
      • disorders of the peripheral arterial circulation (Raynaud's syndrome and disease);
      • venous insufficiency.
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      I ordered a box from the link in this thread. It arrived this morning and I took my first dose today. I’ll take one tablet a day for the next 30 days and report back
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