Voluntary Assisted Dying / Euthanasia for Tinnitus Patients (Pegasos Swiss Association, Switzerland)

Discussion in 'Support' started by ajc, Dec 23, 2019.

    1. grate_biff

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      Moss, Norway
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      Acoustic trauma and or benzo withdrawal
      The only exit strategy I could manage is through hypoxia in my sleep.

      I figured a tent, a propane bottle would do the trick, but reading comments this could go wrong makes me afraid. What could really go wrong?
    2. Harley

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      Someone could find you and bring to back to life before you have a chance to finish the job, which could be a very traumatizing experience.
      I would not rely on any method that takes this long.
    3. dipp

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      Unknown. Maybe stress and acoustic trauma
      I´m thinking a lot about this, but I think that they require someone to go along with you so they have a witness. I don´t think I have any relative or friend that would agree to go with me.
      Also, I don´t think I´m brave enough to do that, even if I wanted to.
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    4. Oto

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      Unknown ¿high frequencies pre-presbycusis?
      About that issue. This is what their FAQ says:

    5. Hope123

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      My mom suffered from tinnitus and opted for a VAD with Pegasos. It was the hardest thing I've ever done to help her see this decision through, but it was so much less traumatic than suicide (exit bag, gunshot etc). I wanted to write and share my experience. Pegasos was wonderfully compassionate and professional. Obviously I hope no one is ever forced to choose this option, but seeing my mom lose everything to this disease... Well I'm glad she had this option available. It is expensive, but the folks at Pegasos aren't in it for the money. The hoops they had to jump through to help my mom were time consuming and you're paying for an anesthesiologist to supervise. Plus, Pegasos is fighting in court all the time to preserve the right to die in Switzerland. They do it because they believe in what they're doing. I'm still heartbroken, but I'm grateful that my mom got the death she wanted. If you have questions about Pegasos, I suggest reaching out to them via email, they're very easy to talk to and we had no issue with language (they speak very good English).
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    6. Snake

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      Long term playing computer games on headphones.
      Considering Pegasos as my backup and it's heartbreaking. Where's the treatment, where's the cure. I want to live.
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    7. TheDanishGirl

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      05/2017 (H since 06/2017)
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      long term noise exposure (headphones), maybe some stress.
      Sorry about your mom :(

      May I ask how old she was and if she suffered from anything else than tinnitus?
    8. Cathrine

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      3/ 2014
      @Hope123, I am terribly sorry if this is what happened to your Mum.

      And I am thankful for that opportunity granted in Switzerland. Nevertheless I cannot avoid being suspicious about the background. I’m afraid it could reflect personal interest.

      It sounds a bit like an advertisement spot.

      If I am wrong, please excuse me. If not, keep in mind what such an „advertising“ could provoke.


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