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Aug 11, 2020
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Oct 6, 2022 at 5:34 AM
    1. InNeedOfHelp
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    2. SmallRonnie
      Hey I also saw your post too and I'm sorry to hear about your current situation. I'm also going through a very bad time and I know how soul crushing it can be. There is always a chance for even the worst cases to improve though.Just be extra careful to stay away from noise while you're still in the acute stage after a setback and you should get at least a little better eventually even if it takes a few months.
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      2. Theezy
        Thank you these first two weeks have been very frustrating. its alternated between bad days and really bad days. And today seems to be worse than ever. I’m still hopeful it goes down, but it’s hard to think that I was already struggling with my T of 7 years and I can only hope it gets back close to those levels. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.
        Sep 2, 2022
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      3. SmallRonnie
        No problem, I know it's tough. The time after it worsens is definitely the most difficult. I've been going through a setback myself this past month and it's horrible. Chances are it should get somewhat better over time even if it does take a long time.
        Sep 2, 2022
    3. Eliska
      I saw your post. I dont have much advise, but I feel very sorry for you. Im currently through hell as well, lost several kgs in week. What helps me is my family and friend, who cares for me so I dont feel all alone. Really hoping for your recovery.
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      2. Theezy
        Thank you I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing something similar. Family and friends are so important during these times, I’m incredibly grateful for them. I’m hoping the best for you too!
        Aug 28, 2022
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