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      Since there was no acupuncture thread in the Research News, I created this one with this first article:

      He-Ne laser acupuncture for 30 cases of unilateral nervous tinnitus

      Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Weihai Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Weihai 264200, Shandong Province, China

      To observe the clinical effects of the unilateral nervous tinnitus treated by He-Ne laser acupuncture.

      A total of 30 patients of unilateral nervous tinnitus were treated with He-Ne laser acupuncture. The disposable filiform needles of 0.40 mm × 25 mm were used. Ĕrmén (耳门 TE 21), Tīnggōng (听宫 SI 19), Tīnghuì (听会GB 2), Yìfēng (翳风 TE 17), Shuàigŭ (率谷GB 8) and Zhōngzhŭ (中渚TE 3) were adopted on the affected side. The input and output ends of the fiber-optic catheter of the laser instrument were connected at a pair of acupoints (TE 21 connect to SI 19, GB 2 connect to TE 17, GB 8 connect to TE 3). Each pair of acupoints was stimulated with He-Ne laser irradiation for 10 min, 8 to 10 mW in the output power and 6328Å in the wavelength. The needles were retained for 30 min totally. The treatment was given once a day, 5 times a week, continuously for 2 weeks.

      Of 30 cases, 19 cases were cured clinically, accounting for 63.3% (19/30); 7 cases effective remarkably, accounting for 23.3% (7/30) and 4 cases failed, accounting for 13.3% (4/30).

      He-Ne laser acupuncture achieves the satisfactory effects on treating nervous tinnitus and it is easily accepted by the patients. Hence, this therapy deserves to be promoted in clinical application.

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      I’m skeptic.
      • Acupuncture has no physiological base and its efficacy has not been proven in any meta-study.
      • 19 out of 30 cases were cured.
      • It comes from China, specifically from a “Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine”.
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      Acupuncture doesn't work.
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      I'm about to acupuncture my eardrum and squirt some EGCG and 7,8-DHF in there.
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      Be careful with electroacupuncture; I would avoid it like the plague. It gave me three new tones, pulsatile tinnitus and hyperacusis. I felt the current run from the left (neck) to the right and conduct said damage instantly. Regular acupuncture will most likely just drain your wallet. I realize this application uses a laser, but it still concerns myself when introducing stimuli to an already over stimulated part of the brain (noise induced tinnitus).
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      Analysis of Factors Influencing the Efficiency of Acupuncture in Tinnitus Patients

      An effective acupuncture treatment must comprehend the influence of various factors, but studies in this aspect remain limited. This study aimed to identify relevant factors and search for the best practical method of acupuncture for patients with tinnitus. The study was a retrospective review of patients' data with a prospective design who had subjective idiopathic tinnitus and received acupuncture between May 2012 and August 2017. Patients' demographics, tinnitus characteristics, previous diseases, underlying diseases, oral habits, audiograms, acupuncture sessions, and acupoints were recorded and analyzed. A visual analog scale (VASloudness) was used for measuring the loudness of tinnitus, and the Clinical Global Impression-Improvement scale (CGI-I) was used for assessing the suffering of patients. Good treatment responses in patients were defined as the magnitude of change from the baseline VASloudness for ≥ 30% plus CGI-I ≤ 3 points. In total, 107 patients were enrolled.

      Most factors were not significantly associated with the treatment effectiveness of acupuncture in tinnitus patients. Only the combination of acupoints and the number of acupuncture sessions reached statistically significant differences. Further analyzing these two factors, we confirmed that the combination of periauricular and distal acupuncture and 17 to 24 acupuncture sessions contributed to a considerably better outcome. This result would serve as a reference for clinical acupuncturists to select an appropriate acupuncture strategy in the treatment of tinnitus.
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      @Autumnly -- Thanks for posting this. A question that immediately comes to mind is whether 17-24 acupuncture sessions will be enough to ensure the positive results will last long-term, or will sessions need to be continued indefinitely to maintain any improvements. My best guess is that it's the latter, which is why I'm currently focused on learning self-acupuncture (extremely minimal cost), so I can get as much out of this effective modality without being hindered by finanacial considerations.
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      None of these studies are blinded or have control groups. They're not very compelling as far as demonstrating that acupuncture does anything for tinnitus.

      If "laser acupuncture" has a 60% cure rate for tinnitus, I'll eat a hat.
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      Thermal effects of acupuncture by infrared thermography test in patients with tinnitus
      Wa Cai MD, Ai-Wen Chen MD, Lei Ding PhD, Wei-Dong Shen MD
      a Department of Acupuncture, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China
      b Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200083, China
      Received 28 February 2019, Revised 16 April 2019, Accepted 8 May 2019, Available online 27 June 2019.

      Previous studies have confirmed the efficacy of acupuncture treatment for tinnitus. However, no relevant studies of the exact mechanism of acupuncture efficacy on tinnitus have been published. Enrolled participants with left-sided tinnitus received acupuncture treatment at TE3 and TE5. The acupuncture session lasted for 30 minutes. Infrared thermography test (IRT) test of each participant’s bilateral aural regions and visual analog scale (VAS) scores were taken before and after the first acupuncture treatment session. 54 participants accepted acupuncture treatment and IRT test. The temperature differentials of both sides were reduced significantly, but the maximum, minimum and average temperature of bilateral aural regions didn’t have a significant difference; before and after acupuncture session. The acupuncture’s effects for tinnitus were associated with the improvement of the cochlear blood flow via IRT test. We have planned a full-scale randomized controlled trial (RCT) to find out more about the underlying mechanisms of acupuncture for tinnitus.

      Thermal effects
      Infrared thermography

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