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      Hi Bruce and welcome,

      There seem to be several online or app based solutions for CBT. Do you think that they have their place (I've discussed with one producer that they believe they are useful for around 10% of patients) or do you think that they are a distraction from being assessed by a professional and receiving a more targeted therapy?

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      Hi Steve,

      Self-help books, like "Feeling Good" and "Mind Over Mood," have helped make CBT available to the widest range of sufferers. I highly recommend CBT apps as the evolution of this self-help mission. CBT apps are interactive workbooks that provide valuable information and engage the user in an active process of identifying and changing problem-related thoughts and actions. An example is "Mood Kit" by Thriveport. I like Mood Kit because it provides the user with a good balance of both cognitive and behavioral tools.

      As far as I am aware, there are no CBT apps specifically for tinnitus. While online programs have been researched (e.g., Andersson & Kaldo, 2004) these but have not been made available to the public. The best bet is to find a generic CBT app that can be adapted to the challenges of tinnitus.

      Of course, like any self help strategy, the ability of CBT apps to provide the guidance and support each person needs will depend on factors like the severity of the emotional condition and the person's ability to self-motivate change. If you're feeling hopeless and helpless, and have tried on your own and failed, please consider engaging the support of an experienced, knowledgeable professional who can guide you through the process of change and coach you through the hard work of recovery.

      Best Wishes!

      Dr. Hubbard

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