Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Sven, Jun 17, 2013.

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      CBT is performed naturally,in the mind,from altering and accepting u may have to live a difficult life.How many people who give these courses have got tinnitus,that says enough to me,it took me a long time to wake up, thinking I'm not going to end it after 2 years of this,because it's unrealistic,but this condition takes me to a dark place very often still,CBT is merely an acceptance technique,that u can live in hope.
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      It's like everything else in this world, if you don't think it will help than it won't. You won't take it seriously, you won't make the required effort, so there won't be any benefit, or point in doing it for that matter.

      Fact is, however, it works.

      You don't get to be an athlete without committing to good diet and constant exercise. Like everything worth doing in this world it takes effort. At the end of the day tinnitus is a neurological condition - doesn't matter how it started. And that's where the resolution is, in your mind. That's why so many people's tinnitus ends up resolving entirely or to much better levels after committing to CBT. And beyond tinnitus it has many other benefits to all aspects of your life. All those people you read about and see on TV that succeed in life aren't lucky. They're committed.
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      Tinnitus is caused by damage to cochlear synapses, inner ear hair cells or auditory neurons and nerve fibers. You can't fix it simply by thinking positively. That is complete and utter bullshit, sorry for the terminology, but it's true, you can't fix the damaged auditory system by changing your outlook on life.

      Tinnitus is also caused by auditory brain center trying to compensate for lost nerve fiber input and amplifying the noise:

      And I don't even hate CBT in all contexts. It has its use, when it comes to psychology, it's a better alternative to dangerous antidepressants and antipsychotics that cause a lot of side effects and health problems. But when it comes to tinnitus, CBT is a complete and utter scam. Tinnitus isn't psychological. It's a physical issue, a neurological one, that has no cure or effective treatment and it should be considered as such. If there is no treatment doctors should just admit that fact instead of prescribing useless palliative therapies to patients that are ineffective.

      CBT also gets a lot of funding that could have gone and benefited actual research like inner ear hair cell regeneration and synapse restoration of the research that could actually improve or cure tinnitus. That is disgusting.
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      I can follow the part about commitment, and trying to be as positive as we can about this ailment, with or without psychological help. But what I quoted above doesn't go well with me. All too often so called CBT professionals make invalid statements about what we can expect. And in my experience that's not a reduction.

      Mind you, this is the fault of some professionals, not the concept of CBT per se.
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      Same for TRT. It all depends on who you get. I am getting fitted for some WNGs on Tuesday. Reason is I have been to the clinic a few times and I trust them more. I will get an honest 90 day trial which is pretty well until May. I don't expect to be cured but if it can at least provide relief it would be something. It will be my 3rd attempt to be fitted. Quiet Please has sated that she tried several "professionals" until finding some success.

      As for CBT I think the therapist had no idea how to deal with tinnitus. I was the only one who had it in 2 groups.

      But hey! Some folks apparently habituated by simply challenging the "distorted thinking" so what do I know..

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