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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Louise, Oct 23, 2012.

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      Ear infection/Ultra High Frequency Loss in Right Ear
      Hey @SamRosemary, I just wanted to ask you how the hearing aids are going for you? Do you have reactive/sound sensitive tinnitus at all?
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      Sadly, I haven’t given them much of a chance. I still have them for a couple more weeks and I will try to devote time to trying them - but it just feels like another thing I have to try to fit into my life and, the couple times I did manage to use them, they annoyed me so much and it did seem to cause my left ear to react. My left ear seems to be the most reactive, but only sometimes and to certain noises.
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      I’ve had hearing aids for 3 1/2 years with no improvement in my tinnitus. I only ever went to have my hearing tested because I had chronic bilateral tinnitus. I was found to have some hearing loss at high frequencies which wasn’t surprising as I’d worked in factories my entire life. The theory behind getting the hearing aids was that once I was hearing high frequency sounds ‘for real’ my brain would adjust and no longer focus or create the high pitched ringing I was hearing 24/7. This hasn’t proven to be the case and of late I think the level of my tinnitus has increased.

      Yesterday I visited my hearing clinic and with no testing whatsoever they have suggested a new you beaut invisible hearing aid which stays in the ear canal for months at a time and is reportedly great for tinnitus sufferers. Great but this device is sold on a subscription basis only, at a cost of (Australian) $220 per month per ear. Looks like I won’t be trialling that lol. Much as I’d love to knock a dent in the impact that tinnitus causes me, the price is beyond me.

      Today I’ve ordered a LLLT device which at $770 was much more affordable and sounds like has some level of success for some people.

      Not discouraging you to go down the hearing aid route, just sharing my experience. This may also be a generalisation but also in my experience I have yet to find a hearing clinic that looks beyond their own interests.
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      Loud music, then ototoxic vaccine booster (Moderna)
      Hey Bob,

      Sorry for the late post. I have had Signia Go with notched technology for a year and it hasn't helped my tinnitus at all. In fact, my tinnitus has gotten worse, which I attribute to anxiety and an inability to get used to these intensely annoying noises.

      What I have liked about the hearing aids is that they help my hearing in the 5 kHz region of my left ear, which is my only real hearing loss (though above 8 kHz isn't great).

      They also are nice as I stream music to help take my mind off of the tinnitus. I'd go nuts, otherwise.

      Several doctors have suggested I use antidepressants to adjust to this horror show, but I don't want to make it worse, so the hearing aids really help me to cope.

      I hope that helps in some way.
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      2 years ago, I purchased a pair of Phonak P50 Audeo hearing aids. They have substantially reduced the ringing in my ears. I don't know if the type of hearing aid matters or not. You will know within the first 10 minutes of using them if it will work or not. Make sure you buy the pair and not just one hearing aid. One hearing aid does nothing.
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      That's great news Anthony2019, and thank you for posting your positive experience. I would think that anything that improves our ability to hear white/pink noises or other background sounds can only help w/ our tinnitus. But one just has to try it and see, we're all human, but we're all different too.

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