My Hyperacusis Is Cured & I Barely Have Tinnitus Anymore

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by weab00, Nov 18, 2021.

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      They use mushrooms for people who are dying or severely depressed in Canada.

      @weab00, Olanzapine can cause tinnitus, but in your case it helped?
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      When you reference never using a phone again, are you referencing all phones or just cell phones?
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      Factory noise + Headphones + Clubbing + Vaccine? + Stress
      He mentions above that it was DXM which is more of a dissociative than a psychedelic. So Ketamine would be similar. There are stories of people getting better from tinnitus using mushrooms though.

      IMO it's kind of like just going through an extremely strong period of meditation condensed into a short space of time. Some people have gotten louder tinnitus from mushrooms at the same time though.

      I can't imagine how it would do anything for pain hyperacusis though and naturally, noise thresholds will always be lower regardless.
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      turning everything up to 11
      I believe Ketamine and dextromethorphan are both NMDA antagonists.

      I also found this:

      After 400 mg/70kg DXM, 11 of 12 participants indicated on a pharmacological class questionnaire that they thought they had received a classic hallucinogen (e.g. psilocybin). Drug effects resolved without significant adverse effects by the end of the session. In a 1-month follow up volunteers attributed increased spirituality and positive changes in attitudes, moods, and behavior to the session experiences.

      High doses of dextromethorphan, an NMDA antagonist, produce effects similar to classic hallucinogens

      DXM raises blood pressure and heart rate so be careful.
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      Valsalva maneuver
      Where do you have that from? I was on Olanzapine for 2 years. After I got tinnitus, though.
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      2015,noise,2020-21 SNHL
      Just curios. How do you communicate if you don’t use phone or laptop speakers? I have to use my laptop speakers for work meetings. Particularly because I refuse to put in earbuds or headphones. I use my phone speaker but not up to my ear, I hold it and talk into it.
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      Noise-induced from a concert, maybe because of ETD too?
      Not who you're asking, but I use good quality external USB speakers and microphone for my computer and it works great.
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