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      Hi. I am 18 years old and have has tinnitus for about three years. I was officially diagnosed a couple years ago. I'm honestly really scared that one day my tinnitus is going to be so bad that I'll go crazy.. it's gotten worse since my diagnosis and not much helps. It's constant. I'm just scared because I'm young and it's already bad.. please help :(
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      Do you suffer from anxiety or any other mental disorder?
      They can play a huge part in altering your perception of T worsening.

      Also have you tried to cut down on sugars.

      How loud would you rate it out of 10?
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      Noise induced
      HI Madd,
      Tinnitus doesn't usually get worse although it can depend on what has caused it? If it was exposure to loud noise then in most cases it doesn't get worse unless, a person subjects themselves to further loud sounds without using ear protection. Even then, one should still be careful. If you listen to music through headphones even at low volume, it can make tinnitus worse, although some people with tinnitus use headphones and are not affected. However, I don't advise anyone that has tinnitus which was caused by loud noise to use headphones even at low volume.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum @Madd. Try not to worry about the future because your T may not get worse over time. You are young so healing can occur better than older folks. Try not to expose to more loud noises such as going to clubs or listening to amplified music. If you need it, try masking so you won't get too anxious about the T. Try to stay positive and calm as this will help to reduce T. Stress and anxiety can aggravate T. So relax and don't panic. Here is a good TT thread for new sufferer as it contains step by step instructions on what to do. Take care. God bless.

      Read the success stories and here is the most popular one "Back to Silence" by IWLM with a simple but effective method:
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