Pregabalin (Lyrica)

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Louise, Feb 28, 2013.

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      Antidepressants / Loud Sound Exposure
      I didn't get tinnitus from lower doses but only when I reached 300 mg. I almost always had a spike 1 hour after my afternoon dosage (second 150 mg intake).

      Unfortunately, I might need higher doses to deal with burning brain from benzo tolerance. Some ENTs specialized in tinnitus where I live even prescribe Pregabalin for it.

      I am still not tapering off Lyrica and using 225 mg daily. I am switching ADs (Sertraline to Fluvoxamine) and keeping the other treatments the same to not confound stuff.

      Thank God my tinnitus is the same volume-wise, and it seems even less intrusive.

      I intend to taper off Lyrica once I find my Luvox sweet spot.
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      I take Gabapentin. No adverse effect on my tinnitus. I take 400 mg twice a day.

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