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      Hi no holiday to Spain got ear infection doc in Spain gave ear drops and antibiotic came back home two days later and seen uk doc who gave more antibiotic but no ear drops then when to gp 4 day later who then more gave ear drops Three weeks in total ear infection cleared but now have tinnitus.! I can tell you I'm writing this in bed as I can't sleep.
      I don,t think I could live with this, checked the Internet, as you's have all done and its all the same, just live with
      It! well I think I will be struggling, its been a week in real terms and I have been on my knees in tears having panic attacks,ect,ect,ect and thinking about the only way out.Going to see one of my friends today who works in E.N.T but I don't hold up much hope according to what I have read on the Internet! Sorry for being so negative but no one seems care as you don't die from it as one doc put it, we'll I may. Cos I just can't see my self living like this?
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      Hey Andy

      People do care, and we certainly care. Your GP should care; everyone I encountered was sympathetic and non-judgemental (I'm a musician, surely we did this to ourselves and deserve no sympathy?!).

      These are very early days for you, and you need to be taking things one day at a time. You will definitely get over this, and you will have your old life back (whether you want it or not :) )

      How would you describe what you can hear?

      Do you have an iPod, or a fan in your bedroom? There are ways to mask the sound in these early days so that you can get some physical and mental relief. Sleep when you can, don't be stressed about sleeping odd hours. Make sure you eat; being hungry won't help your state of mind. Bite some banana when you can, etc.

      When you read "just live with it", don't assume that means "suffer with it". There are many things that you live with day to day, that if you were aware of them 100% would be intolerable. For example, feel how restricted your feet feel in socks; notice how you can't keep your toes separated from each other; did you know you can see your nose at *all times*?

      These are all things your brain tunes out, and it will tune the T out for you too. It won't while you're so worried about it though, and that's what we need to work on next.

      I hope this helps to get you started on being well again, keep us posted on what happens.

      Andy; It's all going to be fine, it really is.

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    3. calin

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      Dear Andy.

      I hope by the time you have read this you will have gotten some sleep.

      DezDog is right. Right now this is all new to you and you are having a fight or flight response. You want to rid your self of this and it is only making your anxiety worse.

      This may help you right now... or at least in hours to days. See here for more...™.620/ It's called Relexercise.

      Oh, and see if your doc can give you something to calm your anxiety or help you sleep for now. Normally I am not into drug taking, but you are at your wits end I take it.

      Hey, and this may just be temporary!

      ReflexerciseTM Instruction

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      First Step: Grateful Heart Breathing Technique

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      Choose one of the following 3 Grateful Heart Breathing Technique options:
      1. White light
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      2. Gratitude
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      3. Memory
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      2. Perform the Grateful Heart Breathing Technique as described above.

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    4. Petloy

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      What is the name of the anti-biotic? you may have just a reaction from your meds since you took it for 3 still might go the meantime the above posts are all correct...dont stress, don't try to listen to it all the time (to check if it's still there)...What type of T do you have? Can you describe it?
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    5. okrosie

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      hi Andy, i woke up in middle of the nite from my sleep 7yrs ago as i heard this ringing i panicked just thought wax was goin thro be gone by morning but it didnt, it is a fight or flight, ive learnt 2 live wiv it. untill now its got louder i got it in both ears, ive just got aids which r helpin at mo untill i take them out go bed , some days i feel like im goin mad, i wonder how much longer i can stand it but 7 yrs later im still sayin it, i hope one day they find away to help, i hope u just hang in there, you may get a milder or just go, cuz of meds u were on i really hope u get some sleep just one thing your not on ur own, stressin makes it worse, try not to listen to it. easier said than done.
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    6. Karen

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Hi, Andy,

      I agree with Petloy that your tinnitus could have been caused by the antibiotic you took. There are several antibiotics that are known to actually cause tinnitus, and, after you get it out of your system, your T may just go away --- or get a lot better.
      In the meantime, try some of the suggestions from people on this forum; we've all been going through some of the same things you are going through right now. Music or other sound therapy (like white noise) really helps, especially at bedtime. So do fans and noise machines. I have a sound device that plays different sounds, like running water, etc. that I turn on whenever I come into a quiet room. It helps to have sound around you all the time. Sleep aids or anti-anxiety meds from your doctor will help, too.

      And all of us have found that, if you can distract yourself and not listen for your tinnitus, it really helps. Anything to get your mind off it works. Think of something you enjoy doing, and try to just go on and do it. Before you know it, you'll be concentrating on the activity, and not the tinnitus. It really works!! Whether it's playing a musical instrument, doing exercises (like the ones mentioned by Calin), participating in a physical activity, or whatever, it'll help you to focus on something else for awhile. You're going to be OK, and things will get better. Keep us posted on your progress, and stay strong!
    7. Simon Bloggs

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      August 2012
      I feel exactly the same. I've had it now for one month or so. I am blaming myself for cleaning my ears and I've destroyed my life. I don't know what to say because I feel the same. I wish I could just die in my sleep. I was told it's mainly neurological which means the chance of a cure is remote. It's terrifying.
    8. erik

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      Most likely hearing loss
      Yes it is Simon but hang in there. Do the things that you need to do to get by which are mentioned by others above. It is tough. The first few months are by are the worst in my experience and others. I felt exactly as you do but now, and though I still have T, it is much more bearable and I am continuing on with my life as I did before. T went from being a major influence in my life to a lesser annoyance.
    9. DezDog

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      Hey Simon, like everyone says, you are going to be feel better again, and it won't be long. Take a look at some of the "Introduce Yourself" posts, and see the same despair that you have; now look at the latest posts from those people; so many of them are here now reassuring you that it will be OK. It's not bullshit. You will not only survive, you will enjoy your life again.
    10. Andrew Bailey

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      noise damage - caused by a power tool.
      Hey Andy,
      Take it easy, go to success stories on this forum and read some of the other peoples stories of how we all have tinnitus and learn to cope with it. Ito have been where you are! 26 years ago I like you was desperate to try and cope with the noises in my head! you may be lucky and it could revert to normal! with it being caused with meds! but if it doesn't like the rest of us on here! you will learn to cope with the tinnitus! see your doctor and work on getting a good nights sleep, it's amazing how much better we all cope when we're not constantly tired and stressed.
      Then keep your mind occupied, think about other things, then after a while you'll habituate to the noises your hearing. It's a natural progression but it takes a little time so you have to be patient. I know for me, I have very loud tinnitus in both my ears, a constant hissing mid pitch. I don't think it could be any louder! but it doesn't bother me anymore, it did for the first few months, then I got used to it. You will too. I have a great life! holidays, going out etc,
      but you have to be determined not to give in to it.Getting sleep is very important, and a huge leap forward on the road to coping with the tinnitus. It will get much easier Andy! your not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of us with tinnitus around the world, I think in a while we'll have a cure for our tinnitus. Take care, if your doctor gives you some antidepressants, you should take them, they will help to calm you and make you more relaxed and will help you to cope, I know because that's what happened to me. It's only for a while, after which you'll be used to the noise and then you won't need them any more,they will wean you off them.
      Take care, try and relax. To help you get off to sleep for now! play some soft music, or turn on a fan, something to give you some back round noise.

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