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Discussion in 'Support' started by Lorenzo74, Sep 10, 2016.

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      Hi All...

      I went to a "Naturopathist" a month ago, and while chatting about different ailments I have, and my past few years' experiences and events, he suggested that my T may be the result of unsolved issues in my soul, and the day I will face them it might go away by itself... Kind of "I don't want to remember/hear certain memories/losses/grief of my life and so I "created" this sound to distract me from them"...

      And then today surfing the net I stumbled upon this meme which resounded with me a lot...

      Any thought ?

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      You can think this way, you can also think tinnitus is aliens communicating with you. Multiple explanations
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      Sonor Trauma
      Tinnitus is the sound your body make in respond of the insight when you transcend the illusion of your subjective reality over this version of the universe
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      LMAO at the above responses. No one knows for sure what starts each case of Tinnitus. Can be so many different things, usually noise induced in my opinion. Working in loud areas, listening to loud music etc etc. To think your Naturalpathist is trying to tell you your brain is doing this one its own to drown out past experiences is a new one on me. The definition of QUACK seems to fit here. Tinnitus is very real. Most likely some form of damage in the cholera (inner ear) where those tiny hairs turn what you hear into what we know are sounds, words etc. Dump that quack and see your GP (Family Doctor). Get other testing done by audiologists and even an ENT Specialist. You may never get rid of this ringing, but in the long run you should possibly be able to pinpoint better what really started yours.

      Best of luck. Wish I could fill you in more but I hear those Aliens calling me and need to answer my ringing!!!! LOL


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