Veteran for Years; Now Hearing Loss & Increased Tinnitus & Mild Hyperacusis

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      Concert (2006) Outboard (2019) Headphone (2020)
      Hi everyone,

      First of all, I am sorry for some up oming grammatical & orthographic mistakes, English is not my first language (greetings from France). Secondly I want to thank this community, reading everyone's post (especially the success stories) was a big help when I was in the pit of depression.

      I have had tinnitus since 2006 after attending my first (and only one) concert of my life (& maybe some loud music played on earbuds from my teenage years). For 14 years my tinnitus (only in one ear) was very mild (rate 0.1/10 on the level of nuisance). I couldn't hear it on my daily activity (not habituation), only when I had to lay down my "bad ear" on a pillow. I used masking to sleep or a fan (like before, I always liked ASMR to fall asleep or relaxing anyway, so nothing abnormal for me), life was good!

      I tried to protect my hearing as much at possible (no loud music, no concert, stay away from loud events: weddings...), of course I had some minors setbacks but it stay approximately at the same level for all this years.

      Then, last October I went on Holiday in Myanmar and at the end of the trip for the last place I had to take an outboard boat for 3 days straight which was very loud (it's the only way to visit the place, so maybe 3/4 hours per day). I did put my fingers in my ears from time to time but did not put earplugs (a shame because I had some & did put them on others occasions during the trip: in a loud train for example). However I have to say that I did not notice any increase in my tinnitus, loss of hearing or anything after the trip.

      Fast forward to the end of last January, 24 hours after a gaming session with a headset (which was maybe a bit loud than usual I can recall) I developed a massive tinnitus in both ears & some sudden hearing loss along with hyperacusis. The level of nuisance went from 0.1/10 to 10/10. It was awful & I end up in the Hospital to get something to calm down my nerves & get some sleep. At some point I was so in pain that my entire body was in shock. Now I'm better (thanks to medication & therapy & time) but it still hard to cope with the loss of hearing & quality of life (I can't sleep with my wife & I'm off work since 4 months).

      I'm trying to figure what happen. I already went to a ENT for my hearing problems (lost of my time if you ask me) & because of some other medical condition (I'm celiac) & other sudden symptoms (loss of motor control/sensitivity in my arms, legs, pins and needles in my hands) I'm followed by a neurologist to find out what is happening to me (she thinks maybe there is something that can explain the hearings problems because of the auto-immune background but I doubt it).

      But here is what I think:

      My new tinnitus, hyperacusis & hearing loss are noise induced and has been start by the long 3 days offshore boat trip in October. It is the only loud event I can recall since 10 years and my usage of headset was pretty careful most of the time so I doubt it's that. I know damage can be cumulative, so I think that the gaming session in January (much louder than usual: it was a 3 hours custom party of Warcraft 3 Reforged with Heavy Metal music) was the straw that breaks the camel's back. If I did not take that trip (or use protection during it), I would have been fine today (even with the last gaming session with headset).

      This condition sucks, really... I have been careful 14 years and all it take is one mistake. These boat trip was loud but not painfully loud. Ours ears are just so damn stupid, on the contrary of other body parts: if you go too close from the fire you hurt your skin but if you listen to something very loud you will not bleed or feel pain immediately. You have to rupture your eardrums to feel something immediately.

      It's insane... isn't it ?
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      Several causes
      How do you know you have hearing loss? Have you had an audiometric test or is it just a subjective feeling?

      As for the impact of noise on our ears, sometimes a sound that did not damage us previously does suddenly make damage. It is shocking but it's how it is. Maybe it is due to how ears are behaving on a particular day, and also may depend on whether nose, throat, etc are unblocked or blocked (sinus issues for instance), and how the eardrum, middle ears tensors etc are... Sometimes the ear can get "stuck" and amplifies sound; if you are caught by some loud noise in a day when the ears are stuck, then the sound is perceived even louder and maybe can make damage.
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      Probably Naval noises
      I understand that my Tinnitus gets much louder after being in a casino for a couple of days.
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      Acoustic Shock
      Do you recall what volume level you had you PC volume set to while gaming, or at least a good guess?
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      Unknow (NIHL, Genetic, Ototoxic drugs, stress) ?
      Hello french fellow,

      If you need to speak in our language. I'm here for you, maybe it'll be easier.

      My only advice is to not think about the past. What is done is done. Time is your best friend against tinnitus.
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      Concert (2006) Outboard (2019) Headphone (2020)
      Hey guys, just a quick update!

      I'm sorry for not following up since then but life has been busy (& did not want to think about tinnitus or hyperacusis).

      Tinnitus is still there, but my response to it is so much lower! It may not be as loud as some of you have of course but that's it. Hyperacusis is still there, sometimes my ears are very sensitive and I need to be alone, I can't stand to be around dishes, and my limit is 65/70 dB music.

      My therapist says I'm out of the blue for now... after 5/6 months of terrible nightmares. I'm not afraid to say that at some point I wanted to end it, but not anymore.

      We think that my response to the new tinnitus was that bad because I had some underlying problems (other medicals problems, stress from work & ...).

      So, what my life is now:

      - I have stopped focusing on the noise and blaming myself. There is no point in doing that.
      - I rejoined the gym, spend lot of time around the house (cleaning, repairing, ...) to stay busy & not think about my tinnitus.
      - I sleep so much better without help, some nights better than others but that's ok, I can take a long nap.
      - I'm still on medication for my depression & planning to stop it gradually.
      - I lost my job due to COVID-19 & some other problems with my employer but that's ok... it's not a death sentence.
      - I'm planning to sign to get my motorbike license soon (with earplugs of course), very exciting :)
      - I still need to find a way to enjoy video games again (ditch the headphones) with some nice studio speakers & high end microphone.

      Feel free to pm me.

      Take care of yourself & fuck tinnitus!
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