Do You Know Anyone Who Has Had Their Life Permanently Changed Due to a Health Condition?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Orions Pain, Mar 8, 2020.

    1. Orions Pain

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      Besides tinnitus/hyperacusis, there is a huge list of other non-cure able/treatable conditions that can not only severely impact someone's quality of life but sometimes ruin it completely.

      I personally don't know anyone who has had anything happen to them that has been "life-ruining" besides people I know from high school who got in fatal car crashes from drinking/driving. A couple of my parents' friends who have had cancer but most recovered.

      How about you guys? Doesn't even necessarily have to be "medical".

      It's easy to get lost in our own problems, and sometimes what it takes for me to snap out of my own "poor me" cycle, is knowing I'm not the only one in this world who is suffering.
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    2. MrCrybaby

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      I have sleep disorder that fragments my sleep so I never feel rested. I used to think it was just stress from school, then adjusting to my new job, but it turns out I always feel like I’m at the end of my rope regardless of circumstance. I’ve started trying treatment, but idk if it will make a real difference. It’s invisible outside of the bags under my eyes.

      Many people have invisible health conditions that impact their lives, and you would never know.
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    3. SugarMagnolia

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      I have debilitating OCD, not ha ha I like my things neat & tidy I'm-so-quirky OCD, but OCD that has prevented me from living a real life because I'm terrified all the time. Treatment has helped me, but even with this improvement, my life is still extremely limited and I live in a world ruled my fear.
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    4. serendipity1996

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      I also have ADHD (inattentive type, what used to be called ADD). Nearly failed out of university before I got treatment. Causes a lot of issues with executive functioning. Basically with ADHD, the part of your brain that allows you to put intention into action, the frontal lobe, is impaired. Medication is a game-changer but it's still a significant effort. Has defo led to low self-esteem for me (and many other people with it). I don't usually talk about it much tbh because people have a lot of misconceptions about it or think they can buy your meds...

      I was also diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder 4 years ago which I manage to control succesfully with meds although it can be difficult to deal with at times.
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    5. Elmer B Fuddled

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      I developed PTSD, after spending a time in Vietnam. I tried medication but it never really helped, did counselling, which the counsellor said I wouldn't change. So after years of drinking and drugs, I finally realized only I can change, which I feel I have accomplished. People still make me wary, so I avoid most of them. But I'm ok and so am I.
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    6. CountryMile

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      @Orions Pain said...It's easy to get lost in our own problems, and sometimes what it takes for me to snap out of my own "poor me" cycle, is knowing I'm not the only one in this world who is suffering.

      This is my first post in quite a while...that quote struck a note with me though...I don't post because I usually come here when I'm in a "poor me" crash (I just don't share it much anymore...seems to turn most folks off) and just reading of other people dealing with the same (or worse) situations helps me get through. Also the replies here represent many of the realities of my life. ADHD from childhood (Ritalin at 8 yrs old), PTSD from early teens (wouldn't wish what happened to me on my worst enemy), OCD from who knows when and PVCs (irregular heartbeat) all resulting in major anxiety and self image problems...oh yeah...can't leave out the T. Although I have spent many years trying to deal with all those acronyms (did the drinking/drugs thing as well) and still be able manage a smile, I think I can safely say that overall it has ruined my experience here on this planet. So @Orions Pain please know that you are in good company. There's an old saying...Misery loves wonder this forum helps so much.
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    7. Daniel Lion

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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      One of my best friends has a disease called Myasthenia Gravis.

      It is a degenerative disease where you slowly rot away, losing speech, eye sight, and all motor functions, etc. It's brutal. There is no cure.

      She is so strong, courageous and kind.
      I have seen a lot of suffering in my life. The latter example is one close to my heart.
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