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Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Dubbyaman, May 5, 2015.

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      barotrauma, noise exposure, TMJ, neck?
      Maybe they were having a bad day and have other stressors or physical ailments besides tinnitus. I enjoy your cartoons and pictures of your pussycats etc.
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      .......er......(beware posts starting with....er....)

      ...er.....here is today’s picture of Percival and TimTom in their freshly laundered Bib and Tuckers.

      (‘Now look I’m in a tight spot you boys, so get out there and do your damnedest.’)

      As my favourite bandleader said to us all backstage before our week at the London Palladium,
      “Nice bright show lads,
      Loads of Pizazz and Plenty of Swank !!”
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    3. Hazel

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      one-sided hearing loss (of unknown origin)
      In the meantime, and trying to pull this discussion in a more productive direction:

      • @Markku and I are trying to edit the interview I conducted last Christmas with the mother of Gaby Olthuis, but it's turning out to be a monster of a job; all kinds of audio and video quality issues that Markku is trying to resolve with his usual tech wizardy. This will take us 100s of manhours before we have a video that passes our quality standards.
      • We're trying to get the next podcast episode together; we have multiple recordings but no one to do editing. And we've been trying for days to record our planned interview with Richard Tyler, but keep getting thwarted by technical issues.
      • I had a call with a very interesting organisation today, who sponsor a lot of research on hearing regeneration (hot topic on the forum) and are interested to collaborate with us. Hope to tell more on this soon...
      • I wrote an article about the new European Clinical Practice Guidelines for tinnitus and the need for a cure, which we'll be pitching to various media outlets.
      • We finalised our part of a research grant proposal for a really exciting new research consortium to gather big data about tinnitus.
      • We've been emailing lots of doctors and medical associations to get new doctors for our Doctors' Corner.
      • I've been working with a couple of amazing volunteers on a really big project to put together a comprehensive review of all tinnitus treatments and what the evidence says - more people are needed for this, so please approach me if interested!

      And that was just today. Just another day in the life of a tinnitus volunteer :)
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    4. AUTHOR

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      Excessive loud noise
      I was once very negative on here but that was years ago. I apologise for that. I tried very hard for a long while to raise awareness by writing in to podcasts, Twitter conversations, etc.

      Then I got sick and went on a real crappy 1 year long side trip. My tinnitus is still very bad. Now I have a bad foot on top of that lol. Good times all around.

      My attitude towards all of it is still hopeful but I now spend less time thinking about it. If y'all ever need an editor tho hit me up. I cut together the podcast with Will Sedley long ago.
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    5. BrStan@

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      Acoustic trauma
      You have had your tinnitus since 2014, did it get a bit better for you?
    6. Autumnly

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      July/August 2013
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      Noise induced
      The Plug'Em campaign on Twitter retweeted another post by him:

      Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-07 um 10.01.08.png

      Spreading the idea that you're totally fine in loud environments if you wear hearing protection is dangerous.

      A comment under his post, I've been told the same thing that's how I ended up with severe tinnitus and severe pain-hyperacusis:

      Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-07 um 10.08.30.png

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