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      I have been taken webber naturals' Magnesium Citrate 150mg for many years, sometimes it give me racing heart and heart palpitations in the middle of the night. Nowadays I only take it maybe once a week.

      I tried webber naturals' Magnesium Biglycinate 200mg, it actually gives me insomnia :(

      Right now I am taking CanPrev Magnesium Bis-Glycinate 200mg, it does make me calm and sleep a little better.

      Just ordered a "MagEnhance Magnesium-L-Threonate Complex, With Magnesium Glycinate and Taurate" from Amazon, will update once I give it a try.
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      I am so confused about all these different Magnesium supplements. Is this a good supplement to take?

      Life Extension: Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate

      Is it too high in magnesium? Would like to stay on a lower dose but for a long time to see if anything changes.
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      Loud music - noise damage
      YES! Magnesium L-Threonate is the best in the sense that it is the ONLY Magnesium supplement that crosses the blood-brain barrier. Magnesium Bisglycinate is another favorite of mine. You could try combining those two... take Bisglycinate in the morning, L-Threonate in the evening.

      You should take 3 pills of Life Extension Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate in the evening. That provides 144 mg of elemental Magnesium, and then you can take Bisglycinate in the morning in the amount that makes your total daily elemental Magnesium 300-400 mg.

      Good Magnesium Bisglycinate product:

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