Repeated Modified Nerve Blocks and Auditory and Non-Auditory Nerve Stimulation

Discussion in 'Research News' started by David S, Mar 1, 2022.

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      Could you tell me what's causing the setbacks? Is it sound exposure or is it more than that?
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      Loud music
      It’s sound exposure to cheap speakers. Let’s continue this discussion in the hyperacusis section. Don’t want to derail this important thread :)
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      Loud music
      The term was used by those pioneering it, though, which understandably hurt credibility.
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      Started with a cold, possibly worsened by medication/noise
      Wouldn't you agree that the word regeneration is not used a single time in the study being discussed in this thread? There are other issues but the authors of this study are hardly responsible for possible regeneration claims by totally unrelated people of the past in relation to alternated nerve stimulation and blocks (who, by the way? [citation needed]).
      Edit the link to regeneration can be in their using placenta derivatives actually, but that is optional an is not in the study, and it's quite speculative anyway, and not the main focus. So I wouldn't use that to compare this to the previous South Korean experience.
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      Ear Infection
      Interesting, will watch this thread for the future. At this point, since no official cure has ever existed for tinnitus and many other ear/nerve/brain problems, no harm in keeping an open mind and seeing where something goes. Thanks to the brave members who have been willing to try this treatment, wishing you the best.
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      Virus / Microsuction / Acoustic Trauma
      Was there any clarification on what this costs?
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      $290 per session.
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