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Discussion in 'Podcast' started by Tinnitus Talk, Mar 3, 2019.

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      Charles Liberman, Ed Rubel, Albert Edge, Stefan Heller, Ronna Hertzano, Anthony Ricci, Matthew Fitzgerald, ... I have other suggestions.

      Great work with the podcast. Looking forward to future episodes.

      I will contribute more when financially able.
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      I don’t know if this is a good idea or not but how about the heads of ATA or BTA? You can ask them about their perspective on how to further the cause of tinnitus sufferers and why their direction seems so irrelevant to many of us here.
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      The ATA is a lost cause unless another way can be found to motivate them. I have spoken with them and they even censored me on their social media when I provided information to how much of their contributions have historically gone to research. It was as factual and non-emotional as possible and without warning I was banished.
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      I think this is a great idea. These organizations are supposed to represent us, but we aren't seeing much from them at all. There seems to be a great disconnect between Tinnitus Talk and these organizations. Perhaps if we can connect with them, it will be beneficial for tinnitus sufferers. (I know how controversial these organizations are before you say anything).

      EDIT: I just saw that David Stockdale (Chief Executive of the BTA) was on the previous episode of the Tinnitus Talk Podcast. Perhaps it is time for some of the ATA executives to come on board for an episode. After all, the USA has a much larger population.
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