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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Jim, Mar 11, 2011.

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      Some people have reported on this thread that the TRT White Noise Generators (sound) made their tinnitus worse.

      My doctor just prescribed TRT for me (referral to another hospital).

      What is your experience with whether the TRT White Noise Generators might possibly make tinnitus worse?

      That already doesn't sound like a risk worth taking but I am so desperate, I'm not sure.
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      I'd give it a try. That being said, it didn't work for me, partially because occasionally it would make things worse, but any worsening is temporary, just reactive tinnitus.

      Worst case, you ride out a couple of spikes for a few days and decide it isn't for you. Best case, in a few months you are feeling pretty habituated. You really don't have much to lose.
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      Hey guys, you can shut the forum down now; tinnitus isn't a thing anymore.
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      Hi @TinaRuns.

      TRT will not make your tinnitus worse. I have had the treatment twice with good results. Providing white noise generators are used correctly there shouldn't be a problem.

      Listening to the wrong advice from people that are ill-informed about TRT will prevent you from having any success with it. Some people that claim to have had TRT have not. Proper TRT requires regular counselling with an audiologist or hearing therapist for up to 2 years. The patient should also be wearing white noise generators for up to 10 hours a day and using a sound machine by the bedside, for sound enrichment throughout the night.

      TRT cannot do all the work. You have to incorporate positive thinking into your life, by doing the things you like to do. If you start TRT, my advice is to keep away from social media platforms and not to discuss the treatment with anyone. Some people believe TRT is not helpful. By reading their posts or corresponding with them, can hinder or completely stop any progress that you are likely to make.

      Please go to my started threads and read my posts on TRT.

      All the best,
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