Why CBT Hurts Our Cause

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      That terminology is the appropriate one in the context of CBT. It means something very specific. For more info, see https://psychcentral.com/lib/identifying-irrational-thoughts/ - People who do not know much about CBT may be confused about this terminology (and perhaps not like it), but it is what it is. I didn't come up with that name.

      I agree. I've only been able to "amplify" the volume of my T if I focus on it. I think it comes from our ability to focus on specific sounds, like when cavemen wanted to focus on that branch creak that could indicate an imminent encounter with a tiger. Conversely, it means that if people are unable to shift focus away from it they would experience a higher volume that they should.

      I imagine there's a fraction of T sufferers who are stuck focusing on it (perhaps this is more prevalent immediately after onset). These guys would actually perceive a volume decrease if they managed to focus away from it, so it makes sense to still offer the "don't focus on it" piece of advice to people who struggle, even though it's probably not useful for T veterans.

      For me it's not "hearing it louder" actually, but there are variations in my ability to cope based on my stress levels and tiredness levels. Just like a crying child: you can deal with it better when you are fresh after a good night sleep than when you haven't slept in days, even though it's the same annoying stimulus.
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      Infection, Acoustic Trauma
      I understand that some want to detach the connection between mental well being and tinnitus, but there is a connection on some level.

      Dr. Rauschecker has shown that our emotions have a great effect on our tinnitus. I know for me personally, if I am extra stressed or anxious, my tinnitus is significantly louder than it already is.

      This doesn’t mean that emotions are the only factor at play. Even when I am calm, my tinnitus is loud, but stress and anxiety exacerbate it.

      People take this the wrong way and think, “well if tinnitus gets louder if you're stressed that means that people need to relax and it won’t be loud.” This is not how that works because baseline is still baseline and can be loud.

      The reason I advocate people to do CBT is because it can try to reduce stress/anxiety which exacerbates tinnitus. It will not lower your baseline tinnitus, but may help reduce the tinnitus caused by stress and anxiousness. CBT can also help take the emotion out of tinnitus, which helps people cope with their tinnitus.

      This doesn’t mean that I am having a grand old time and have tinnitus. It means that I am trying to live a calm life with tinnitus being a part of it. That is all I can do at this point without any cures or treatments available to me.

      CBT doesn’t cure or treat tinnitus tinnitus, but it helps reduce the anxiety and stress that can exacerbate it. Baseline is still baseline, but it takes the extra controllable tinnitus that we can control off of baseline.

      Don’t get me wrong, anyone who says tinnitus is all in your head needs to get a reality slap.
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      Mixing music for long hours and too loud I guess.
      I have it like that too. Some days when I am tired, tinnitus annoys me much more than when I am well rested and so on.

      It's not just tinnitus that annoys me, I get annoyed by every extra sound when I am tired and so on.

      So maybe doctors confuse that with volume? Sometimes I cannot boost the volume of my tinnitus even if I concentrate on it.
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      acoustic trauma?
      Who are those people?

      "Loudness is not a factor?"
      Do you know if anyone here wants to off themselves because of "low volume" tinnitus?

      If anyone is extremely distressed at it being low volume, it's probably easier or more possible to habituate to than high volume. Pitch is probably a factor too.
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      Noise induced
      Because living well with tinnitus is something we can all just learn. :):):)


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