Be Honest. Do You Still Enjoy Life?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rich, Feb 27, 2013.


Do you enjoy your life despite having tinnitus?

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    1. momus

      momus Member

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      With or without tinnitus, sometimes our life is hell, sometimes it's heavenly.

      Whichever spectrum one is currently on, rest assured it will change. Maybe going to a forum like this may not be good for some people if they do it too often. I went to a few tinnitus self-help groups in person before swearing off of them for life. Hearing about it for an hour or an hour and a half just made it worse!

      It was the same w/ my drug addiction, which I got away from about a quarter of a century ago. All that talk about it was not helpful, and I didn't agree w/ the whole 12 step philosophy about being powerless. People just made it into a religion. Now, whatever works for someone else is fine, but I had to find my own way. I had gotten myself into that mess, I was going to get myself out of it. Understanding the science of it worked, and that's helpful w/ tinnitus too.

      Staying busy doing things we love is really good medicine for just about anything.
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    2. NYCGuy

      NYCGuy Member Benefactor

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      Neck, Jaw or Stress, who knows.
      I can enjoy life in the outdoors and when keeping myself busy, but nights are hell in silence, my tinnitus is so loud that it hurts.
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    3. Loui

      Loui Member Benefactor

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      Noise induced
      I don't enjoy life as I used to. I can still do a lot of things despite tinntus but the experience is not the same. The tinnitus, stress and worry is always there. I would say that I lived before, now I exist.

      Even if a treatment is found in the future I still don't think I’ll ever be the same. I’m kind of traumatised by this experience. I hope I’m wrong but I do think that trauma changes us.
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    4. scotty03874

      scotty03874 Member Podcast Patron Benefactor

      Boston / Miami Beach
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      Slap to the ear / Leading to more issues after ear surgery
      My quality of life has been seriously challenged not since the tinnitus, but the additional hearing loss I now have. You can still enjoy loud places with tinnitus. But not with hearing loss. It sucks...
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    5. ZFire

      ZFire Member Podcast Patron Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      2012 (mild) & 04/2021 (severe)
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      Ototoxicity (2012) Unknown-likely noise induce (2021)
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